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It seems as though we are all susceptible of being addicted to something no matter how hard we try whether it’s consuming too much of any food to exercising far too much or even watching television too often. On the spectrum of what we deem addictive, obviously, there are some things that are more destructive to our overall health and bodies than others. If we consume too many bad foods it can be detrimental to our health. That includes everything from too many salty foods to too much sugar to too many carbohydrates. One of the food vices that can be more detrimental to our health is sugar.

We all love sugar in one form or another. Sweets and carbs can be weaknesses for all of us. Cakes, cookies, pasta, soda and even wine can do irreparable harm to our bodies. It has even been scientifically proven that sugar is an addictive substance. And one of the most harmful aspects of sugar is we can get it everywhere and it is often hidden in many forms that we wouldn’t readily realize like in salad dressings and bread.

Sugar is one of those substances that we need to be wary of not only for ourselves but also for our families especially our children. Children can be extremely susceptible to high sugar intake with the number of snacks and juices marketed to the youth, and the pressure on them to insist on sugary foods in school lunches. It’s tough.

While sugar is an addictive substance, in moderation it can still be included in a healthy diet. Foods like dark chocolate, berries with whipped cream and almond butter are nice foods to incorporate into a healthy diet a few times per week. The key is to reduce your sugar intake and not eliminate it altogether. American diets are rife with sugars so going cold turkey can actually be a detriment to good eating especially when the cravings kick in.

Let’s not forget that too much sugar can lead to diseases and obesity. While at plain sight it might not seem like a big deal because you can buy it in your local grocery store eaten in overabundance really can be just as harmful as illicit drugs even if it takes longer to see deleterious results.

One of the worst diseases from high sugar intake is diabetes. 350 million Americans live with Type 1 diabetes and 3.4 million people die from Type 1 diabetes each year. The number is in epidemic proportions and is especially endemic in the United States. The reason for the increase in diabetics is due to the American diets. Foods are laden with salt and sugar and fast foods are extremely processed that many don’t have a chance. This is, even more, the case in neighborhoods with food deserts and several fast food restaurants.

Naturally occurring sugars found in fruits and vegetables can be the difference between good and poor health. If you desire more sugar consider grabbing an apple as opposed to a processed candy bar.

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