Is there anything you can do to prevent your home from being burglarized?

Thieves do not have to go at great lengths to break into your home. They focus their attention on the main points of entry (front door, back door, garage, etc.), where they are most likely to go unnoticed. Coming home to discover that your house has been broken into is a real nightmare. You are not worried about the material possessions. Instead, you fear for the lives of your children. If surprised or confronted by an occupant, burglars will attack. 

Do not waste any more time and protect your property from invasion. Getting a security alarm and a large dog is not enough to discourage intruders. The question now is: what can you do? Well, you must be prepared for the unexpected. 

How to burglar-proof your home 

Beef up your exterior doors 

Thieves are prone to attacking the exterior doors because they are the easiest points to get in, often left unlocked or presenting small defects. You would be tempted to think that robbers will not choose the most obvious places to go about their business. Well, they do. Applying the foot right next to the knob is enough to open a residential door. If the screws are shorter than 3 inches, you need to have them replaced. Longer screws offer better resistance because they go all the way through the studs that frame in the door. 

Think about adding a longer metal plate and door frame with hardware. The plate is around 16 inches tall. Once it is installed on the push side of the door, it reduces the amount of damage and stress the door undergoes with time. As far as the frame is concerned, it makes your house safe from thieves while providing an elegant look. Rekey the locks every now and then. A locksmith can help you get rid of the old mechanism and install one that works properly. 

Install new uPVC windows 

If intruders crack your windows, they can get in without much difficulty. This is not meant to strike paranoia, but you should replace the windows just to be on the safe side. Older windows are a security vulnerability – they either open easily or they do not shut. Make it impossible for someone to break and enter your home. UPVC windows are a good fit. They exceed expectations by providing an ultra-light yet sturdy frame. Stop asking yourself when do uPVC windows need replacing. There is no better time than now to have the windows replaced. 

With any renovations, come expenses. You could lower down the costs by installing the uPVC windows yourself, but it is better to leave the job up to the pros. You do not have adequate safety wear or tools for this one-off occasion. Let us not forget about the various building materials required in the process. It is simple to see that it makes sense to pay for the installation. Besides the fact that it eliminates the expense of tools and materials, you can avoid terrible mistakes. 

Be smart about where you hide your keys 

Ladders and wheelie bins can be used by intruders to get into the garden and gain access to your home. This is precisely why your garden should be more secure. Put up a giant fence. It will be difficult to climb or break through if it is strong. The fence should be tall enough so that thieves cannot climb it. It should be at least 8 feet tall. When in the market for a fence, get something see-through so that you are able to see who is on the other side. 

This might come as a surprise, but certain plants and arrangements can encourage or deter intruders from entering your backyard. Landscaping can keep unwanted people away. Enhance visibility by trimming the bushes and hedges. If they grow tall enough, they will transform into the perfect hiding place for burglars. Another thing you should do is to cover the ground with gravel. If anyone comes onto your land, you will know because the sound of the footsteps will be louder. Gravel makes too much noise and this is why crooks hate it. 

What parents need to know in the case of intruders 

It may be frightening and stressful to think about the odds of someone breaking into your house, but it can happen. Things like this happen all the time. Making a plan and sticking to it is the smart thing to do. The plan outlines the actions you will take in case someone breaks into your home. Once you figure out what needs to be done, write the plan down. The indications will help everyone prepare mentally because they will know what to do and what not to do. 

In scary situations, it is important to stay calm. Take a few deep breaths to chill; deep breathing signals your nervous system that you want to calm down. Calling the police is not a good idea because the intruders will overhear your conversation. See if you can get out of the property. Make a getaway and drive far, far away. If you happen to see the crooks, try to memorize their appearance. Any detail will help the police capture them. You should be able to provide a detailed account in terms of height, attire, and so on. 

Ideally, you should have something to defend yourself with. It is not recommended to keep a gun in your home. Even if it is stored safely, the kids might find it. Get a personal pepper spray. It is a good line of defense. You and your loved ones can escape physical harm and can flee to a safe location to call the police. Pepper spray is legal, but you will want to check the laws to make sure it is okay. There might be limitations you do not know about. 

All in all, there are simple things you can do to protect your family from unwanted intruders. Secure your home and have a plan in case something bad happens. Powerful as your good thoughts may be, they cannot prevent bad things from happening. 

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