Is Your Dentist Open Saturdays? He Should Be!

 In the United States, everyone has a busy lifestyle.  Work, school, family, and our children all require our undivided attention.  We barely even have time to think about other things like planning when to see about our health and dental care.

 Toothaches and dental injuries don’t wait until it’s convenient for you, or your dentist. This is why you should have a dentist that is open when others aren’t…namely, on the weekend.

Benefits of Having a Dentist Open Saturday:

  • You don’t have to take time off work

A dentist open on Saturdays understands how important your work is to you.  Many people get a limited amount of time they can take off from their job during the week.  Being able to see a dentist when you’re already off work is super convenient!

  • Your child doesn’t have to miss school

Missing school means not being there for important lessons and test taking. By having a dentist that’s open on Saturday, your child can go then, and not have to miss out on learning, being forced to catch up when they return.

  • More time to recover

By going to the dentist on Saturday, you’ll have more time to recover before getting back to your busy life on Monday morning. This is a great option if you have to have a tooth extracted or any other dental treatment did that may cause you to be sore for a few days. You can rest up at home for an extra day, without the worry of missing out on your work responsibilities.

  • It’s easier to undergo sedation

Many people are anxious about getting dental procedures done. For these individuals, sedation dentistry is a great option. This service is available in different forms – from laughing gas and oral sedation all the way to general anesthesia -- allowing you to have a relaxing, and carefree experience. But in a lot of cases, this sedative stays in your system for a while. Meaning that you should go home and rest until the medication wears off…and you’ll need someone to drive you.

This situation can be inconvenient for some people, so instead, they have to undergo procedures without the sedation option of their choice because they don’t have a friend who can take off to drive them.  Why not find a dentist that’s open on Saturday?  That way you can go in, have a relaxing experience, recover in the comfort of your home, and not interfere with your friend’s schedule or obligations, either.

  • You can save money during a dental emergency

 Since dental emergencies don’t wait to show up when it’s convenient for us, having a dentist open on the weekend is very helpful. Terrible tooth pain can land you in the hospital with extra bills. But if your dental provider is available, you can avoid having to go to the emergency room and just go to the dentist instead.

  • You feel more relaxed

Knowing that you have access to dental emergency care at convenient hours, you can feel more relaxed and live life without worry. You have a busy routine and enough on your mind…worrying about when you can make time to go to the dentist shouldn’t be one of them.

As dental professionals increasingly aim to meet their patients’ scheduling needs, finding a dentist that’s open on Saturdays isn’t so hard.  There are likely several locations available near you. Start looking today and give yourself the freedom to live your life and have the peace of mind you deserve.

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