Whenever two people form a relationship, there are moments when one might believe the other is cheating on them. Whether it's out of insecurity or there are signs that just don't seem right, it is painful and betraying. The good news, there are also signs that strongly suggest your man is not running around.  Nothing is signed in concrete, but research has shown attributes that point toward loyalty.

Statistics have shown when both partners are making the same income, cheating is less likely to happen. Men, in general, are more likely to cheat than women and it's usually based on the their monetary income. Men who make a great deal more than their spouse or a great deal less, are more likely to stray. There have been past studies that questioned why wealthy, powerful men seem to fall into the pit of cheating and believe it's somehow linked to their DNA, but we're going off track.

Other studies have shown that if your man is from the Midwest, he is less likely to cheat. Whether it's their upbringing or just good manners, guys from this area of the country just don't run around! So ladies, start looking for guys from Illinois or maybe Wisconsin (?)

Studies have shown that men who are introverts are more likely to run around then men who are extroverts.  Extroverts are less likely to be influenced by other people and are able to make their own decisions.  Introverts are more easily influenced by the suggestions of others and therefore are easier to sway.  If you are out on the town and your mate is socializing with other people, especially women, don't blow a gasket.  Extroverts easily meet new people, it doesn't mean they are on the prowl, it's just the way they are built.

Men who cheat are looking for some level of emotional satisfaction, they do not feel sexually fulfilled, do not feel trusted or loved.  Studies have shown men who are in fulfilling relationships are less likely to wander.

Men whose friends are loyal and trustworthy are less likely to cheat on their spouses.  If their friends run around on girlfriends or their wives, chances are they will too.  Some of this is based on their bad choices of friends.

All the research in the world cannot measure up to your “gut instinct”, that little voice down in the pit of your stomach.  If your gut instinct is telling you he is a loyal, good man then chances are you are absolutely correct.  Pay attention to that little voice that is too often ignored.

Various studies have also shown that a man who is an only child, is more likely to cheat.  Men who come from large families are less likely to run around.  It seems large families offer siblings a better foundation for relationship building with each other, especially if they have a sister.  A man who is an only child has missed out on knowing a strong relationship with a sibling, especially a sister.

For some apparent reason, men who are into heavy metal are the least likely to run around on their spouses, though I'm not real clear what the basis of that comes from.  So find out if his favorite bands are Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, etc.

There truly is no exact science to determine whether your significant other has or will cheat on you.  Knowing your mate, communicating and forming a good bond is probably your best bet for developing a solid relationship.

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