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I love playing with my kids. I love trying to meet all of their needs, and maybe a few of their wants. Most of all I love teaching them how to bring honor and glory to our Heavenly Father. Of all of the fruits of the Spirit that we strive to have, and that I want for my family, I think that patience is the one that is the most difficult for us. I know that with kids in general, patience is really hard for them. Reagan is still learning how to actually not be a baby anymore. She gets frustrated so easily because she thinks she can do all of these big kid things now that she’s a bit more mobile. That also brings on more frustration with her and impatience. When she gets impatient she makes this low growl noise. Let me tell, after hearing that noise most of the day, you end up wanting to rip your hair out.

Liam is getting a little better now that he can be reasoned with a bit. He understands that patience means that he has to wait until I am ready to give him what he needs or wants. I try to teach him that Jesus likes it when he is patient for the things that he wants. I think that helps him a bit. But he still has a lot of difficulty keeping his patience. I tell him to be patient and then 2 mins later he’ll ask for the same thing again, and the cycle goes on. There are also days when he tests my patience in the worse way. He’ll just pester and pester trying to push me into giving him what he wants when he wants it. That’s where my patience comes in. I have found that in my daily prayers, I have started asking God to give me more strength and wisdom to have more patience in teaching them patience. It has definitely helped a lot and I see improvements in the way that I handle situations with them.

I am reminded of a scripture that helps me in Psalms 103:8 saying “The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love”. That’s how I want to be with my kids. Always trying to be the best for them and being an example to them that represents God’s love and patience for us. It wouldn’t help them at all if I were to lose patience with them all of the time and quickly get angry when their actions irritate me. They need a mom who shows compassionate and love, not anger and irritation.

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