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It Took Having Kids to Realize What I'm Truly Passionate About...

When I was little, I thought that I wanted to grow up to be a doctor.  I went on to university thinking just that.  But, like many things in life, things change.  For me they did, big time.  I got married, and had a baby...and then three more.  I kept up with school for the first few years of marriage and parenthood, but after six years and four kids later my entire pursuit in life changed.  The whole idea that being successful meant having a reputable career, and a large salary gradually melted away.  As I was decorating my children's rooms one by one, I realized that what I'm TRULY passionate about is kids, and art.  This makes me laugh to this day, because I always LOVED art - but thought it was something people could just poke away at for fun, for me it has become so much more...

At seven months of age, my daughter Callie's bedroom was finally finished. 

Back a few years ago, when I did a lot more sewing, I fell in love with Valori Well's Urban fabric line.  I'm the type of person who loves vibrant colours, and bold designs, so her fabric line became an instant favorite for me.  I loved this one particular fabric so much, that I vowed that if I ever had a little girl of my own, I would decorate her entire room using this fabric as inspiration for the design.

And, if I never got the chance to decorate my own little girl's room, I would simply use it for curtains in my mudroom, whether the fabric was flannel or not.

Luckily, no mudrooms suffered in the making of this beautiful, baby girl's bedroom...

This is Callie's door sign.  We make and sell a large variety of these personalized door signs all over the world, and they can be found in our shop.

Wall decals created from my artwork, which was inspired by Valori Well's urban elephant fabric line.  These decals show a large array of colours, tones, and highlights, which make them unique, and like they were handpainted on the wall.
A large custom jungle animal mobile above Callie's crib handmade in Australia by Kathy of Tiddliwink Toys.

A large name decal made with my artwork, and a small pink elephant mobile which hangs above the change table, also handmade by Kathy of Tiddliwink Toys.

Sparkling butterflies hang from the ceiling in the corner above the bed which really gives the impression that they are flying above the treetops in this girly jungle room.

Callie is very happy to be in her new bedroom.  The pillows just behind Callie were handmade in Italy by Roxy Creations.

Custom bedding was handmade for Callie using Valori Wells fabrics by Melissa of Melissa's Boutique.  And, a lovely organic pink elephant handmade by Sewn Natural.

This mural measures about 9' across by 6 1/2' high, and the dresser in the far right is a vintage vanity that was painted a very pale pink, and the seat was recovered using urban elephant fabric and a layer of clear vinyl so that it would be wipeable.   The Mommy and Baby pink elephants in the corner on the vanity were handmade by the very talented 2 Dancing Dogs Shop.
This elephant has become known as "Callie's elephant," and was not only used in her bedroom, but also on her Birth Announcement, Baptism invitation, and thank you cards.

The pictured lamp used to be my lamp when I was a little girl, I decorated it with some shimmery ribbons, and of course a pink elephant.
All items from this bedroom were handmade by myself, and other very talented woman from around the world.

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Comment by Dawn Odell on February 15, 2011 at 10:46am

Cute cute cute decorations.

When our passion finds our muse, its all worth the wait.

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