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It's Award Season And I Haven't Got A Thing To Wear

Apparently I'm kreativ with a "k" and have one lovely blog.
Many thanks to Fran over at her very racy XXX porn site Being Miss and she who prefers to remain nameless over at The Wannabe WAHM, who is ALWAYS drunk (oh, I'm kidding you two)
So the rules with these awards are all so very different and confusing. You receive the award then have to give a pint of blood, tell the Internet world 100 intimate things about yourself and nominate 187 other blogs that are worthy of the same award.
Since my veins are filled with ice water, I don't know myself all too well and I'm not even familiar with 187 other blogs I'll just make this quick so you can get on with it and have your jasmine tea while you organize your aluminum foil collection.
Here's some random stuff about me.
  1. One of my daughters' middle names is Beatrix.
  2. During my father's wake the funeral director lost her phone. She borrowed mine to call herself to find out if the phone was nearby. It rang. We all looked at my dad. Turns out the phone had fallen into his casket
  3. I have eaten hummus every day for the last 5 days. Apparently I'm addicted to garbanzo beans, have garlic breath and am a tad gassy
  4. I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was four. My mom was so pissed
  5. I keep a tube of lip balm in each room of my house
  6. I drive a black stretch limo with tinted windows

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