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It's not our Mother's life and that's gonna have to be okay!

I have been working some extra shifts to catch up to so many bills that have accumulated over the past months and years. I am grateful beyond measure that I have a job to work at and that I am able to get some extra work occasionally. That being said, I was driving home the other night thinking about how lucky previous generations of our Mothers were and how they had it so much easier.

Imagine just being able to have that One Hat to wear ~being a mom and housewife minus the taxi lisence, because After-School buses will cart the kids home from school when their activities are through? Imagine a Friday bowling league with the ladies and daily coffee clatch at 1:30 each day in the neighborhood? How about sending the kids out to play in the morning and telling them to be home by dinner time?! This is how I grew up in Suburbia NY in the 70’s. And then my mother would complain about being stressed as we kids dusted and vacuumed and I babysat my siblings. At the ripe age of 7 I was sent out with my 3 year old sister to play at the neighbor’s house a block away!

It is another world we live in now. I would be arrested if I left my oldest home with my other two children for the night at the age of 9. We can’t let our children ride to the end of the block on bicycles unless we can see them. If they are out of eyesight they better at least have a walkie talkie or cell phone for constant surveillance. We need to be able to keep in touch so we can let them know when it is time to come home, get changed, climb into the minivan or SUV and run to the next event or activity. Oh and somewhere in there fit in work for Mom and 3 balanced meals for them … we Moms will eat what’s left.

I used to wait for my dad to come home and then I would run screaming into the driveway with my arms outstretched happier than I had been all day, yelling, “Daddy Daddy Daddy!” and swoop in and hug his legs.

I am stressed now too, as my mother claimed she was, but not from coffee clatches and bowling leagues. That life she lived all sounds nice after a hard day of work, but now I come home from work, albeit only 2 or 3 days a week. My kids run to me screaming, seemingly happier than they have been all day and yell ”Mommy Mommy Mommy!” They swoop in and hug my legs. That is the happiest I am all day.

My stress is greater, my challenges have been huge but I know my life has been so much richer for it all.



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