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Life gets so crazy and we all tend to get so caught up in our own little worlds. I know for me that during the week I get little time for anything outstide of my work, son and household.

My parents retired about 3 years ago and moved to an adult community. They absolutely love it and now have a more active social life than I do. And even though they now live closer to me than they did before, I don’t get to see them very much.

I am lucky. My parents are still young and healthy and active. Who knows how long I will have with them being this way? And my son completely adores them….I want him to enjoy as much time as he can with them.

Today, my son and I spent a rare Saturday night by my parent’s house and I realized how much I miss being with them. It made me see that I need to make more time for fitting into THEIR lives….it’s my turn to accommodate them the way they did for me while I was growing up.

Sometimes I think we complicate our lives more than we need to. We don’t have to attend every barbecue and birthday party. Life will still go on if we don’t run every errand, straighten up every room and master every meal.

In the end…it’s the simple things we will remember and smile about. It’s something like remembering how much your child loved their grandfather that really matter in life. Isn’t it?

It’s the simple things that we need to do really well, don’t you think?

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