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Hi all sorry i haven't been posting much lately but i have been a very
busy boy!
Now the last time i posted was all about my 1st Christmas, but as you can guess there have been loads of things keeping both me and
mommy and daddy busy since then...

So lets begin... during and just after the Christmas season we were busy house(or at least dog and
cat sitting) for uncle Pierre and aunty Rene and also for uncle Sean,
aunty Larine (also Thomas and "sunshine")so all in all it was 5 dogs and
one cat! lots of fun...

Then came my 1st New Years, well that was also loads of fun, aunty Mel and uncle Andrew came and so did aunty
Gerry and uncle Kevin and my friend Tyrone! we had a nice braai, (Tyrone
and i pretty much polished off a big bag of flings between the two of
us) and we then played for a while. But alas i didn't make it to see the
New Year in... Mommy was mean and put me to sleep, it was all her

I have also found a new hiding/play place i call it "Toy land's cupboard of fun" but mommy calls it " the Tupperware cupboard"
this is a really fun game for me as i pull absolutely everything that i
can get my hands on out of the cupboard and then climb in, and sit there
like I'm on my throne,surveying my wondrous deeds of unpackment... (yes
unpackment is my new word, i am the king, that's why i can make up my
own words)

I have also been cruising now for a while BUT i have some new tricks too, i can pull up on gates and shake them like I'm in a
prison movie, i can also climb up all the stairs at home now, i must
admit it was quite funny the first time i did it, i gave mommy and daddy
the fright of their lives!

Hmmm now what else can i do?
... oh yes i can stand unaided for about 15-20 seconds- this is my proudest
accomplishment this year as it totally amazes both mommy and daddy, Yes i
know I'm ammmazing! i just cant wait until i can walk, WOW it's gonna
be great!

OK OK so it wasn't just me that's been busy, it's mom and dad too!
mommy has been busy planning my party- it's going to be such fun,I'm turning ONE! and practicing the cupcakes and chocolates so
that when she has to make them for real they will ROCK! I love my mommy!

And daddy has been very busy at work, he has been building some new
applications for the teams to use, he has made quite a few apps for me
to even start explaining what each one does, but he is very good at it,
he won two awards for it, the first award he got a really cool trophy
and the second one he got a trophy and a 27" LCD screen for his PC at
work(he has a BIIIGGG picture of ME on it) we are so proud of daddy, he
is so clever, but he must just be careful because one day i am soooo
going to be more clever than he is... hey dad watch out!

Oh yes i also have a new play friend, her name is Angeline and she comes on
Thursdays, she is our new maid, i love to follow her around the house
and watch her work- such fun!!

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