I've spent the last week cleaning and clearing out things from both my home and my storage.  Inspired by a book I read about "tidying up" and how we cling to things we don't need for reasons hard to explain, but possible to overcome, I set out to create a home environment in which I wasn't constantly having to clean clutter every single day.

The book is a bestseller all over the world, but was just recently released in the US and I was lucky enough to get a free, advanced copy.  At first I was skeptical. I have a son, a daughter, a husband and 7 dogs.  Yes, seven. So cleaning and "tidying" is pretty much a constant in my life.  So I gave the book a try. 

It's not just a "dummies" book on how to de-clutter.  It's more philosophical in ways that help you understand why you hold on to things and then logical steps on how to de-clutter.

If you love HG TV I honestly can't recommend this book high enough.  I'll post the video so you can get an idea about it, but I also suggest you go to Amazon or BN or wherever and just read the table of contents and see if that inspired you on!

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