I LOVE Technology!!!! When it comes to birth and pregnancy, technology is advancing faster than ever. No more do you have to wait for your 20 week ultrasound to confirm the sex of your baby. You can find out the sex of the baby with a urine test at 10 weeks in the comfort of your home! Based on independent research, GenderSense® has an accuracy between 80-92%* If you feel like knowing your baby's sex is important and going to cause too much emotional stress if the prediction is wrong, then this test may not be for you.

I've teamed up with GenderSense to offer one of my readers a free Gender Prediction self test kit. A value of $49.87!!! Go to my Instagram Account: @JenRaePoe for details on how to win! Entry Deadline is Monday July 2nd 2018 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced Tuesday July 3rd 2018.

Gender reveal parties are getting super popular, which is understandable, because it can be exciting and fun for everyone! Combining the Shettles Method with the GenderSense® urine test can get to your gender reveal faster. This is by no means replacing the need to have an ultrasound as the ultrasound indicates specific growth markers and soft markers for genetic diseases.  

How does GenderSense® work? 20 ml of the expectant mothers' first morning urine is drawn using the syringe provided. After removing the top sticker on the test container, the urine is slowly inserted into the vessel through a silicone spout. The urine is introduced into the GenderSense®  formulation, creating an 'exothermic reaction'. This resulting reaction and the associated hormones detected in the urine cause the formulation to change to either an amber yellow color for a GIRL result or a hunter/smoky green color indicating a BOY result.

Before you purchase here are some considerations that you should make prior to purchasing: 

  • GenderSense®  is not recommended for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Refrain from intercourse 48 hours prior to using
  • If you are on Progesterone Therapy,  wait 10 days after your last dose to use kit.  
  • Do not make any emotional or financial decisions based on the outcome of the GenderSense® kit
  • Do not use this product until you have read the associated Terms & Conditions for use of the product. 

Looking for Gender Reveal Party Ideas? 

Here are some great ways and ideas to celebrate a gender reveal:

BabyBety: An online baby betting pool for friends, family, and coworkers to bet on the gender, weight, delivery date all while collecting donations to help towards the expenses of having a baby! I am personally using this service to fund my baby's Cord Blood Banking

Balloon Popping Reveal: Three 36" Black Latex Balloons, Biodegradable, Includes 1 packet each of Blue & Pink non toxic corn flour and 1 packet each of Blue & Pink confetti Fill with Helium. ($15.99)

Exploding Baseballs : GendaGuru’s reveal sets come with one blue and one pink baseball filled with, non-toxic colored cornstarch. All you have to do is remove the identifying pink or blue tags from each baseball. Now the fun starts it’s time to batter up and hit a home run and reveal the gender! ($48.95)

Confetti Cannons : BLUE or PINK, what do YOU think? ⚢ ⚣ Highlight the question of the party with Baby WOW Confetti Cannons! Each cannon launch blue or pink confetti 10-25 feet in the air with a simple, yet careful, twist and a POP! Enjoy your Picture Perfect Gender Reveal Idea to reveal to your loved ones if it is a boy or a girl! ($29.99)

Pinata : Keep guests in suspense at a baby shower until they're showered with the answer with this Gender Reveal Baby Shower Pinata. This pull string pinata doubles as a cute party decoration and entertaining party game that requires guests to take turns pulling on the strings to find the one that will release the treats stuffed inside. Don’t forget to load up on blue or pink party favors to make that big announcement with a memorable flurry of fun. ($29.99).

Gender Reveal Cake : Betty Crockers Recipe filled with a colorful sweet surprise that tumbles out when you cut into it, revealing to your eager guests if the baby-to-be is a girl (pink) or a boy (blue)!

My Gender & Pregnancy Reveal 

My husband Kyle and I announced our gender and pregnancy on social media while we were on our trip to New Zealand. I was 16 weeks pregnant and wanted to celebrate in a very unique way. We went to on a helicopter hiking tour to Fox Glacier and announced to our family and friends in front of the Victoria Falls. Then I posted the Gender Reveal with a custom onesie with her due date, a cute neutral bow headband,  a lion (representing her Astrological sign Leo), some cute baby boots, and her sonogram picture.

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