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     My life has been filled with chaos, joy, grandchildren, children, animals, students, writing intermingled with walks along the beach and hikes through the mountains. None of this has turned my life upside down like my latest endeavor! We have a wonderful conference in its 2nd year coming up this April in Minneapolis, MN. It is designed to bring creatives (musicians, artists and writers) together with brain experts and educators. I can't believe how amazing this next conference is going to be. Last year, in Chicago, I was very impressed by the parent group that got involved with the conference. They want their teachers and children to be involved in creativity in all aspects of education. It thrilled me! So this year because I have been a member of Mommy Bloggers for a number of years I thought I start blogging about the process of this amazing conference and possibly have some of the other Mommies join us.The early bird discount deadline of $100 off the regular registration price is the end of this month, so if you know of any teachers or parents who you think would like to be involved please pass our flyer on to them.ICCTE2015Poster-1.pdf

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