Keep the products sanitized during menstruation – Know the guidelines

The reproductive parts of the female body    maintain a hormonal balance that leads to the formation of the endometrial lining inside the uterus but absence of fertilization of the ovum results in the disintegration of that lining causing bleeding.

Using dirty or unusable fabric for managing periods is a very unhealthy practice. The use of such fabric can cause infection from the dirt present in the fabric. The first important thing that should be known is that sanitation is a prime factor and anything that is even remotely unhygienic is not to be used for absorbing vaginal discharge. Only medical grade sanitary products are to be used for menstruation.

The convenience offered by menstrual cups during periods

Managing the bleeding during periods is quite a task. The problems of staining and changing sanitary napkins or tampons often might disrupt the normal routine of a person. When there are work and family commitments which have to be taken care of then managing the menstrual bleeding intelligently and conveniently is extremely important. The new age solution for periods is the use of menstrual cups. These cups are made from medical grade silicone which is suitable for the skin. The silicone cup is extremely flexible but does not lose its shape. The cup has a stem at the bottom which provides a position for gripping the cup while pulling it out. Hence it can be emptied and then reinserted there is a problem of disposing of the cup as it is reusable.

The process of cleaning menstrual cups

However simply knowing about the process of using a menstrual cup is not enough and because keeping your menstrual cup clean is a very important aspect. As menstrual cups are inserted inside the body and collect the bleeding from the cervix, it has to be cleaned properly before and after use. Keeping your menstrual cup clean is quite easy and is not at all problematic. The following steps can be followed for keeping the menstrual cups sanitized.

  • When period starts the menstrual cup has to be boiled before inserting it inside the vagina.Cleaning menstrual cups by boiling it carefully in water will kill the germs. During boiling care should be taken so that the cup doesn’t get stuck at the bottom of the pan. Overheating should be avoided,and a five-minute boil is enough to get rid of germs.

  • While using it during the periods, one might have to drain the contents of the cup and reinsert it in that case the first important thing is to ensure that the hands are washed with some. Normal mild soap can be used for cleaning the cup,and it can be dried with toilet paper before reinsertion.


  • The rim of the cup can have tiny holes. A soft bristled brush can be used for cleaning the holes in the rim area.

Therefore, one should be aware of the cleaning procedure of the menstrual cups so that it no infections occur.

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