Have you ever logged onto Facebook and felt like you could comment on just about everyone’s status update?

In a not so kind, bubbly or loving way?

Well, I guess you could say that I know I’ve reached that point in pregnancy where I need to keep quiet.  and calm.  and hold my tongue.  and keep my opinions to myself.  Or just log off.  So this weekend, while down and out, I spent time just scrolling through Facebook keeping quiet and reading about everyone’s opinions, beliefs, lives…  I clicked the ‘Like’ button a lot and stayed out of all topics related to politics, religion, sports, motherhood, parenting.  Especially the parenting ones.  You know, as if you don’t already know, we’re all so different in so many ways but we sure judge each other a lot.  I say ‘we’ because I’m certainly guilty too.  We all think we’re doing it right and you know what?  We are!  If whatever you’re doing is working for you and your family, you’re doing it right!  So why can’t we just embrace how different we are rather than start these Facebook debates about child wearing, breast feeding, potty training, co-sleeping…  I guess I’ll admit that I enjoyed reading the debates for a little while but boy was it exhausting.  And do you want to know what I think? (haha)

I’m going to venture to believe that the son who’s mama breastfed him for 4 years while high-fiving her 500 bf’ing mama friends will marry a women who’s mama fed her XYZ formula from a bottle as soon as she gave birth.  Why do we still debate these topics and make other people feel bad about their decisions?  I think it’s good that we all parent differently.  Its good that we don’t do things the same.  And its good that we both feel strongly about how we’re parenting because its working for us.  I almost blogged about my Facebook news-feed over the weekend but like I said, I kept quiet.  and held my tongue.  I guess that’s one way I know I’m learning and growing and still changing ; )  Not to mention, I didn’t have the energy to process a thought.  Stupid FLU.

Can’t believe I caught it from the boys.  (And YES, I got a flu shot.  Lots of mamas like to ask me that.  Funny.)  According to my docs, my flu ‘experience’ could’ve been waaaaaaay worse had I not protected me and peanut.  60% worse as per their stats.  Why do we love stats so much? Does it really make us feel better?  I think it actually did make me feel better.  Instead of thinking, “I’m dying right now.”, I thought, “This could be 60% worse.  Things could be coming out of both ends at the same time while I feel like I’m going to die.  That would be awful.  I’ll be ok.”  Anyway, my Dr. actually shook my hand at today’s apt. because he was proud I got the flu shot during pregnancy.  I smiled and told him, “All I know is that I’m (obviously) not a Doctor and there’s a world of fear out there on Google, so when you advise me to do something, I usually do it.”  He patted my shoulder.  After all, he did spend years and years and oh so many years in medical school, right?  All the while I was sipping lattes and walking around an awesome little clothing boutique.  So, NO JUDGEMENT if you hate the flu shot.  or wouldn’t dare get one.  Your weird.  I’m weird.  Whatever.  Its working for you.  This is working for me.  See how easy that was?  I’m growing.  (or just very pregnant.)

While I had the flu, I also surfed Pinterest (a lot) and came to the conclusion that I’m really good at pinning ideas that I’ll never follow through with.  However, luckily, I married a man who will spin my thoughts into a reality and this, my friends… will hopefully soon be a reality!  It’s been added it to hubby’s ‘Honey-Do List’.  I need a place to organize book-bags, coats, shoes, gloves, hats, etc.

2 hours later, Pinterest, Facebook, Etsy and Baby shopping got boring.  Amazing how when I’d love to do those things, there’s literally no time and when I’m forced to (because I can’t move), I’m bored.  I took out some baby name books before opening my iPad (again) and hit up Google where I found that my name (my name!) is climbing the 2013 baby name charts.  In 28 years, I’ve maybe met 2 other ‘Angelique’s’ in person and another 2 or 3 through my blog or something… It would sure be crazy if it became a ‘Hot’ name.  Oh my.

Finally, by Sunday Night, after 3 Tamiflu pills and 2 days of rest, I was able to move myself from one couch to another (my parents).  We had extended family in from out of town and I was missing them.  I was so happy to join them for dinner & belated Christmas festivities!  The boys ran around nana & papas house like the little monkeys they are, the Italian food looked incredible (I couldn’t taste my food- no taste buds) and it was so nice to spend time with everyone!

Meet my lovely cousin!  This is Samantha…

I’m feeling much better this week; baby is growing sooooo *large* and is very squirmy in there; to a painful point too.  I feel like I’m running out of room and I’m beginning to get really uncomfortable; the joys of the ‘end’.  I’m hanging in there though and smiling and enjoying our 2 little boys before we start life with 3!  “4 weeks come Monday.”  That’s what my Dr. said; I like how he talks ; )


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