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Step-by-Step Career Guide to Become a Florist

The job of a floral specialist, or florist, involves cutting flowers and arranging them into bouquets and display which are suitable for specific social events. The job may sound simple, but there are various crucial parts to it which are impossible to learn overnight. A crucial part of the job that is often overlooked…

Live a Greener Life With Sustainable, Reusable Water Bottles and Coffee Cups

I am trying to do my part to live a greener life. I am in no way an expert in living a more sustainable lifestyle, but I am doing little things that make a difference. I am already a stickler when it comes to recycling. My family and I no longer buy water in plastic bottles. Instead we filter our tap water and…


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My son is at the stage where he likes to spend more time with Dad than Mom. It's really sweet to see the two of them together: Playing games, laughing at silly jokes and sharing hobbies. I know that my husband has been patiently waiting for my son to reach this stage - those toddler and early child years when our son only wanted to shadow Mommy were a long wait.

And, to be honest, it's freed up some time for me to figure out some things that I would like to do. It's nice to be able to focus on myself and rediscover the things that make me happy.

And - of course - when Momma is happy, everyone in the family is happy.

It's an old saying, but there is some support to show that it might be true. A Mother's happiness affects everyone in the family - more than a Father's happiness does (sorry, Honey!).

It's hard to think that one person in the family matters that much, since I am so used to thinking of everyone needing to contribute to the overall family's well being. So, maybe we all need to take some time and check in with our family and see if everyone is happy.

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