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For our vacation this year, we decided to give our son some additional independence. Instead of enrolling him in a kids club at the resort we stayed in, we gave him some additional boundaries and let him have his freedom.

And we were all rewarded for it.

My son was so happy about his independence, and spent lots of time making new friends and enjoying the ability to make his own decisions about his time. He did a great job checking in with us and keeping track of where we were.

This was a good reminder that a lot of discussion about independence and privacy can go a long way with our children. And that is something I need to remember when it is time to get my son his own mobile phone.

I've been on the fence about tracking apps on mobile devices for a while. I hear from some parents that they are lifesavers; I hear from other parents that they feel like they are spying on their kids. And since tracking apps have already advanced really far since they first came out, it feels like a very personal conversation for each family.

I get that my son will need to learn mobile and social responsibility when he does get a phone, but I hope that I will be patient enough to remember to talk to him as we take that journey together.

Do you put tracking apps on your child's phone? Tell me about it in the comments.

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