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How to Make Long Island Tea

Long island tea is a classic drink that you can get in almost any bar, a type of cocktail so old that nobody’s completely sure who even first created it. Despite its name, it’s not actually made using tea: in fact, it’s not even made in a similar way to tea…

5 After-School Snack Ideas for Busy Parents

As a busy parent, finding it easy to make snacks for the kids is essential. After a long day, the last thing you want to do is bake cookies. When the kids get home from school, they're usually hungry and exhausted. You need healthy snack options you can have ready for them. When they run through the door, kicking off their shoes and dropping their school bags on the…

Flowering Plants You Can Plant at Home

Are you one of those people that admires your neighbours’ gardens when they are in full bloom with envy? Do you sometimes feel like you would like to give gardening a try but feel like you do not possess the know-how to make a success of your own garden?…


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Keeping your child safe while they are studying abroad

As a parent, it is quite obvious that you are thinking about your child all the time, even when they are studying abroad. Life for a long-distance caregiver can be troublesome, and you might feel that you are not doing enough to keep the child safe in such situations.

If the above thought has crossed your mind, we have some things you can share with your children to keep your child safe while they are studying abroad.


  1. Be aware of the surroundings

Once your child decides the University in which they wish to study, you can do your homework and learn about the surroundings of the University. This is not an easy task, and it can post a set of new challenges in front of you. However, it is for your child’s safety. We are confident that you can do this for your child and be sure that you’ll never have to worry about your child, even when they are not responding to you during the late hours of the day.

  1. Make sure that they do not roam on the streets at night

Talk to them about this and make sure that your child does not opt for it unless there's an extreme need for it. There can be selective reasons because of which students have to leave their houses late at night, but if there is no real need for it, it is better to stay away from it, no matter what the situation may be.

  1. Flashy jewelry or expensive items should be avoided

Your child is going to study at the University, and there is absolutely no need to pamper them with facilities that are not necessary for them. So, let go of the flashy jewelry or any other expensive item that means a lot to you or your child.

This is a precautionary measure that will help your child in being safe in a foreign country.

  1. Stay connected

Tell your child that they should stay connected with you all the time. This can be annoying for them, but it is for their safety, and you should be strict with this point. Along with this, it is always of a good idea to have contact details of the 芝加哥大学 where your child is studying. It will help you connect with your child when they do not have their phones and laptops charged or are keeping themselves away from the same. This is a precautionary measure, and you should not mind taking the extreme measure of connecting with the University, if you feel anxious about your child’s safety.

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