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Keeping your Children Safe from Plumbing

Plumbing is an essential service in any home, and all of our water-related needs all depend on a well-constructed piping system. Despite the level of service and comfort that plumbing can bring into our homes, our children can easily injure themselves on such systems.

Get the Safest Plumbing Possible

Keeping your home as child-friendly as possible with regards to plumbing begins by getting the best plumbing services available. The best plumbers are those that take into consideration the fact that children can indeed hurt themselves if left unattended around possibly harmful systems.

It isn’t just about ensuring that all of your water-related needs are running smoothly, it’s also about ensuring that there are as few avenues presented to children who love to play with things like pipes to a minimum.

In the Case of Exposed Piping

Children love nothing more than climbing, and exposed piping can be the perfect target for a dangerous ascent. A child can not only fall off and injure themselves by climbing a pipe, but they could also damage it, leading to a catastrophic flooding.

To avoid costly repairs and a drenched home, as well as a possible trip to the hospital, children need to be properly instructed not to climb pipes. They need to know that this is not a toy for their amusement, but something that keeps them hydrated and clean.

Exposed pipes can also be tripping or banging hazards, and a running child can easily run into one while playing. You can avoid such accidents by painting pipes in a high-contrast color, so that children can easily spot them and avoid running into them.

Coating a pipe in sponge can also greatly reduce the rate of potential injuries, reducing the impact of heads being banged or ankles tripping. The most important factor, however, is a brief yet firm education on plumbing for children.

Bath Time

Whether children love or hate being bathed, the temperature of the water they are entering is something which must be carefully regulated. Older children will have physically developed well enough to enjoy hot baths.

The main concern here are young children and infants. Younger children will have sensitive skin, which can easily burn on contact with hot water. They are also can easily overheat in hot water.

You should only ever run lukewarm to warm baths for younger children, toddlers, and babies. You can easily test the temperature of a bath by placing your hand or elbow into the water. If the water feels enjoyably warm, then it is perfect for a little child.

Older children need to be properly instructed on how to run baths, as anyone is susceptible to burns when water is too hot. Show them how to effectively adjust the temperature of the water using the hot and cold taps.

It is important that they remember to begin pouring cold water first as a base, and then to slowly begin adding hotter water to cause the best dilution possible for a safe and enjoyable bath.

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