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Are you a new parent looking for a nanny? Then you should know the types of nannies and their job descriptions. That way you will be able to determine the right kind of nanny agency in NYC to hire a nanny. The types of nannies are divided into three distinct groups; Executor Nanny, Partner Nanny, and Parental Unit Nanny. The three types of nannies have been classified based on the nanny’s ability to handle different kinds of responsibility. The description of each of the types of nannies has been put across.

·         Executor Nanny

These types of nannies execute instructions from the parent who are at home part-time. Their key responsibilities are to clean and prepare meals. They can also perform childcare but only when the mom is there. They are not allowed to take the kids to a playdate, or help in managing the child’s schedules, or assist in the preschool drop-off. The nanny can make dinner and not meal plan. This type of nanny carries out the assigned task only and wait for you to give them further instructions.

Executor Nannies are expensive because they are often Live-In. If you are a stay-at-home mom who has newborns or kids under five years, and suddenly need an extra hand but still wants to be the caregiver, then Executor Nanny is the perfect solution for you.

·         Partner Nanny

Partner nannies work alongside the primary caregiver or the Mom. They can shift duties according to the mother’s needs. They work well in a situation whereby a parent is part-time or is present at home or when the children are more independent and older. When the parent is at home, the nanny works alongside then parent, and when the parent is absent, the nanny makes sure that every household and children related chores run smoothly. In the morning, the nanny can go to the store to fetch some necessities and drop off the older children to school and when the mom comes back in the afternoon, the nanny’s work shifts to cooking, laundry, and cleaning. It can be challenging for the nanny with all the switching from being a helper to a boss and back to Helper. Therefore, they need to be able to adjust to the parent’s needs. 

·         Parental Unit Nanny

This type of nannies works in homes where both parents are working, and their schedules are inflexible. The Parental Unit Nanny function as a parent, therefore, is capable of handling every day’s aspect without necessarily requiring help from the parents. They are allowed to take the child to the doctor, set up playdates, go to the grocery, and if the school calls to ask questions about the child, they can answer it. The nannies are very helpful when the parents switch from family mode to work mode comfortably and confidently knowing that the home front is under care as they want to be.

These three types of nannies can handle different responsibilities, and you are free to pick a nanny as per your needs. Visit the nanny agency NYC today for more information on the different types of nannies

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