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Kids and Technology: 5 Safety Tips for Parents

It has its pros and cons.

Pro- you can connect yourself to literally everyone across the globe.

Con- Your child has pretty much the same access.

Yes, the Internet is both good and bad. Especially with easy access to services like Spectrum Internet, almost everyone has an online presence. And where the adults have to deal with threats like hacking, the youngsters are pretty indifferent about it. But the parents of these young ones have a lot to worry about. Because they have to make sure that their child is not watching content he shouldn’t. It is for this reason that many service providers have added the parental control option. This feature applies to both the cable and Internet services. While there is a lot that the parents have to worry about, here are a couple of tips for parents to protect their children from inappropriate stuff.

It’s Game Time!

First things first. If you want to keep an eye on your child. Or want to ensure that you know what they are up to, educate yourself. You will have to put in an effort to learn the basics of the technology that your child uses on daily basis. And you cannot afford to just let this slip away. Because technology is an integral part of every kid’s life these days. And adults’ life too. But often the adults ignore some aspects of it. Which is wrong. And it is not at all difficult to grasp the fundamentals of the tech world. This is a digital world. And you as parents need to up your game and keep yourselves updated with all the latest happenings in the digital world.

Be Your Child’s Best friend

Well, there’s nothing wrong with your kid having accounts on social media websites. Or connecting to his peers via tech apps. But you as parents need to guide them. And the guidance will only come when you are your kid’s best friend. You children should feel comfortable sharing things with you. Whether it be them joining a dating app or playing online games. They should feel comfortable enough to come to you and talk about it. In fact, every now and then surf the Internet with them. Stay involved (not in an annoying way, of course). But yeah you get the point right?

Do Your Homework

Talking of you keeping up with the digital world also means that you know precisely what every app is for. Several apps are marked as educational. But they are anything but educational. They spoil your kids. In such instances, you can take help from online organizations like Common Sense Media. This online platform includes reviews about the apps and games. It basically acts like a parental guide for parents.

Educate Your Child

Education is not only for you. Your child needs to be informed about what is safe for him and what not. Therefore, have a dialogue with them occasionally. And educate them about the importance of staying away from online predators. They are kids and they often take online security for granted. According to them, nothing can ever go wrong with them. But it is that particular thought that you need to shun. You need to tell them of all the ways people try to fool you through online platforms. And how dangerous a situation can get. Share with them instances when people have got themselves into trouble because of sharing inappropriate pictures. Or posting too much about themselves on social media. Once your child gets comfortable with you, he will not take such steps where he might get into trouble.


Not all toys serve the purpose they are designed for. And this holds truer I today’s era than any other age. Because many toys these days have options to connect them to Wi-Fi. Worse, they have built-in cameras or microphones. This is where the trouble starts. Hackers can access your location if you connect the device to Wi-Fi. Or your camera or microphone can easily be accessed as well. So, a hacker can listen to whatever you say. And if this does not scare you, God knows what will. Hence, research about a toy that your child bought. It can save you from a lot of troubles. Because apparently, they are just toys. And nothing can be wrong with them. But the destruction they might be capable of causing is beyond your imagination.

Anyhow, the point is not to scare you. But to make you cautious. A piece of good news for you is that many companies offer protection against malware and viruses if you opt for their Internet services. For me subscribing to Spectrum double play has served the purpose. You can ask your service provider or check its website to see if they protect you against predators as well or not.

Happy parenting!

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