Kids Onboard: Tips to Make Your Kids Behave While Traveling

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Children from two to seven years old are innately egocentric—seeing themselves as the center of our universe. At this age, they throw tantrums if things won’t go on their way. As mothers, we don’t want to see and hear our kids’ outbursts, may it be in our homes, in malls, and particularly in our travel. Hence, as mothers, we must always be prepared.

Family travel with kids onboard is fun. But what hinders the enjoyment is the inevitable kids’ tyrannic cries and agitating commotions.

We don’t want a rough trip with our family, for we only want a smooth and memorable journey. And to keep our kids behave for long hours of travel, here are some tips to keep them still—before our dream family getaway turns into a nightmare.

Mother Knows Best

Indeed, our kids are a blessing to our family. From conception and birth to their first steps and words, we have witnessed and nurtured their growth and development. When we genuinely know our kids-by the heart and by the mind-allows us to identify their Achilles heel whenever they have tantrums, and discover their likes and dislikes—which would be very useful when the time comes.  

Travels could take an hour or more, which can be nauseous and tiring for our kids. Thus, keeping them entertained for the next hours lessens restlessness. Further, as we go along with your trip, always expect the inevitable, and in this time, our mother’s instinct works in our favor.

Don’t Bring Your House to Your Vacation

“Should we bring a lot of stuff or should we just pack what we need?” This is the question that most mothers have in mind before traveling. Remember that when we travel with our family, it is difficult to keep an eye on everything. Thus, it makes sense just to bring what is necessary.

When we travel using a car, and it has only a small compartment, smaller luggage containing all the essential stuff is recommended. Not that it does only provide a space to move, but it also keeps the car from overstuffing—adding weight that exceeds the capacity of the car can potentially cause serious troubles.

Meanwhile, traveling on air can be more difficult. The airport is big and wide that can be mesmerizing to our kids’ eyes, where their wistful minds think that it is a playground. Moreover, it has plenty of boarding passengers, which can be toilsome to look out for our kids and personal belongings. Therefore, the lesser the pack, the lighter the burden we have to encounter.

Essential Upgrades

There are equipment and gadgets that might be very useful when we travel either a short or long distance. When we travel on wheels, kids, especially babies, are prohibited from taking the front seat. That’s why baby capsules are invented to keep the baby backseat safely. It is an essential upgrade to your car to ensure the baby’s safety. For more information, you might want to visit baby seat hire melbourne.

Keep the Kids Entertained

If traveling is tedious for adults, how much more for kids? Our kids need to be entertained in the whole duration of travel as it minimizes their stress. Since we already knew them well, we can easily give them the things that will avert their attention and keep them elated. Here is a list of things that can help you along your trip.

Illustrated Books

Illustrated books stimulate the attention of your kids as these have imageries and appealing popping colors. Reading with images induces creativity that keeps them dynamic. More than that, not only does it enriche their creativity, but it also improves vocabulary at an early age.


Allowing them to use gadgets for viewing is another way to keep them on their seats. It is advisable to let them watch animated movies-suitable for their age-and educational shows that inculcate morals. Meanwhile, video games also help reduce stress as it is interactive and dynamic. On a serious note, excessive exposure to gadgets when traveling causes motion sickness like nausea that is uncomfortable.

All the Other Stuff

Our kids have always had an inseparable thing that they couldn’t live without like toys, stuffed toys, and blankets. These materials may represent something for them, such as a friend to talk to or something that serves as a protection. And as a mom, forgetting what gives them joy is like discrediting its value. Bringing stuff that matters to your kids can be an excellent way to keep them calm during a long trip.


In a nutshell, traveling strengthens family ties. It creates new memories and worthwhile experiences. However, a journey always entails unperceivable circumstances that can be either good or bad. With that said, it is important to prepare for our trip, especially the kids, thoroughly.

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