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Children's yoga is a great way to add calming focused balance to your daily activity or distance learning physical education plan. Below is a free planning tool that will help you get your kids balancing and feeling confident in no time.


Hey friends! This week we are practicing Tree Pose. Yah! I love Tree Pose, I actually love all the yoga balancing poses because they are so different from my usual mode of exercise, which is big movement exercises, like jogging. Balancing is a quiet challenge, it’s not just your body that’s involved, the brain gets in on the action to. 


Practicing balance is so great for our little ones, children's yoga benefits includes better body awareness, concentration, muscular strength and endurance. Sounds great to me.

Okay, let’s get ready to practice our Tree Pose. You do not need anything extra for this activity, an area that is cleared of toys where there is enough room to stand and extend our arms out to both sides of your body, and, maybe, close to something stable while we are working on getting that balance (a table, chair, or wall).

I always think it works best to get a few wiggles out before we work on our kids yoga Tree Pose, give these movements a try:

Crazy feet: Standing in place count to three and run in place for 10 seconds and FREEZE (Do this 3 times)

Wiggles out: Standing in place start wiggling your fingers, wiggle your wrist, wiggle your arms, wiggle EVERYTHING

1-2-3 Pops: Standing in place with feet shoulder width apart, count out loud, “1-2-3 pop” and pop feet apart, count out loud “3-2-1” pop feet back together (do this 4 times ending with feet together)

We are ready for the main event: TREE POSE

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart 

Place your hands by your sides or at your hips 

Bend one knee and tap the toes on the ground next to the other foot, “tap, tap, tap”

Rotate the bent knee out away from your body

At this point you should have the toes pointing down to the ground, the bottom of that foot should be close to the standing foot

This IS Tree Pose

Raise your arms up to the sky and you’re there, Tree Pose

-OR Try this Modified version-

Please visit my blog Kids Yoga Coach for more tips getting your little kiddos into this Tree Pose (and lots of other fun children's yoga ideas)

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