Kids Yoga Pose of the Week: Downward Facing Dog

Kids yoga. Kids yoga should be full of movement and silliness along with quiet moments of breathing. Thats what this kids downward facing dog sequence is all about, there are silly sounds, big breathes, and a moment to shine for everyone.

I love bringing you an opportunity to practice a yoga pose with your kids. Especially now with a lot of our kids going "back to school" virtually, any ideas that I can share with the collective parent pool, who are wondering how they are going to manage this new wave of public school education, the better.
Here we go, the 2nd Kids Yoga Pose of the week and it's Downward Facing Dog. Woot Woo! I think Down Dog is a great pose for kids because the weight bearing helps build strength and endurance, but also those kids love to be "upside down". 
Here is the sequence I use to teach my young students Downward Facing Dog:

Starting in a seated position, easy sitting pose or criss cross apple sauce

Sit up nice and tall, strong back, and place your hands on your knees
Inhale and lift your arms up to the sky, exhale and lower the arms back to your sides (x3) 
Return your hands to your knees and drum it our on your knees (boom, boom, boom boom boom)
Stretch your legs out in front of you with your toes pointing up to the sky
Breathe in and reach your arms way way up to the sky, tip tip tip down until you reach your toes and say, "I've got it"
Hold your toes for the count of 3, 1-2-3
Sit back up nice and easy 
Take both knees off to one side, and bring them behind you, lower both hands down to the mat, and find yourself in a table top pose
Reach your back up to the sky and say, "Meow" like a cat, then dip your belly down low and say, "Moo" (x3)
Return to table top, tap the tops of the feet behind you on the ground, tuck the toes under, and lift that bottom up to the sky 
Bend your knees while in your Down Dog and then straighten the legs (x3)
Bend your knees and lower them down to the mat, return to table top

For more of this kids down dog sequence, please visit my blog here: Kids Yoga Coach

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