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Kids Yoga Pose of the Week: Side Plank Pose

Okay, I know what you are thinking, side plank for kids? I know, it's a pretty intense pose BUT kids enjoy a challenge when it's presented in a fun and engaging way. It's all about the packaging when it comes to the kiddos. So, when I teach side plank we pretend that we are waving flags or that we are air planes gliding through the air and before we know we are in successful side planks. Go us!! 

Yoga For Kids

The benefits of Side plank for kids are many, it engages the abdominal muscles, shoulder, triceps and bears weight on our wrist. This means I want to employ postures and stretches that get all of those areas nice and warm before we go for the big pose. Our biggest obstacle in this pose is G R A V I T Y. Gravity is pulling those hips to the ground and making it difficult for us to keep from dipping low.

Let's do this, Side Plank Sequence:

Starting in Tadasana or Mountain Pose our feet are at an easy shoulder width apart, hands down by our sides, tall strong spine up through the back of our heads

Inhale the arms up to the sky, palms touch, exhale lower the arms (x2) 

Inhale the arms up to the sky, keep hands together while you exhale, bend at the hips, and touch the toes, look back at the knees behind you (gently bend the knees if this hurts the back of the legs)

Slowly, rag doll back up to standing and wiggle it out

Cross one foot over the other and without using your hands sit criss cross apple sauce on the floor

Yoga Poses for Kids

Sitting with a nice tall, strong back, take the right hand and place it on the left knee, while twisting your body to the right gently. Do the same on the other side or to the left side

Rest in center with tall back in seated position, inhale, exhale

Take legs to one side, knees on the mat, hands on the mat in table top position

Tuck toes under, straighten legs, and lift the hips up behind you, take Down Dog position

Come high to the toes, bend the knees and lower to the mat, send your bottom back towards the heels of you feet, leaving the arms stretched out in front of you, rest your forehead on the floor, and find Child's Pose

Begin to walk the hands back to the knees and straighten up your back as you come into a seated position with your knees bent, feet under your bottom in Hero's Pose

Take a nice breath here, inhale, exhale

First Modified Side Plank:

Place the hands back on the mat, knees are on the mat, feet behind you, returning to table top

Straighten the right leg back behind you, rotate the ankle so the inside of the foot is on the ground, leave the left knee on the ground, begin to lift your right hand up to the sky, and rotate the body to the right (or the same side that the long leg is on). You are now in modified side plank

Yoga For Kids

Wave the hand on the straight arm back and forth gently like flag blowing in the wind

Lower the arm back to the ground and return to table top pose (repeat modified side plank and flag waving on the left /other side)

Return to table top, walk hands back to knees, sit up with a strong back in Hero's Pose

Second Modified Side Plank with Balance Challenge:

In our Hero's Pose we are going to slowly shake our heads yes, move our heads like we are saying no, and gently move one ear to the shoulder and then the other 

Returning to Table Top pose, sending that right leg back behind us, leaving the left knee on the ground, lift the right arm to the sky and find our modified Side Plank

This time we are going to work on our balance while in our Side Plank by lifting that straight leg up into the air while the rest of your body stays the way it was...give it a try

If your balance is feeling sturdy and strong add that top arm wave again, BUT this time lower the arm down by the side of your body and then lift it up by your head, keeping the arm straight. Return to table top and repeat all of this side plank goodness on the other side (or left side)

Woo Woo!!

The full posture of Side Plank:

Return to table top, give me a few cat-cows, to keep the flow going and we are getting ready to go for the top banana...Side Plank

For lots more yoga fun to practice with your little yogis, check out the rest of the post here: Kids Yoga Coach Blog

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