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Flowering Plants You Can Plant at Home

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Know the Six Common Skin Problems Related to Pregnancy

You have conceived for a couple of weeks, but the ‘pregnancy glow’ you heard about is unfortunately nowhere to be found. Instead of enjoying radiant skin, your body parts are dotted with pimples, dark spots, and itchy rashes.

Pregnancy paves the way for a wide range of strange symptoms, and the skin is most subjected to the hormonal changes you have been experiencing. Besides being harmless, all the conditions subside gradually after childbirth.

The following write-up specifies common skin issues that crop up during pregnancy, and how exactly to treat them. It also names one severe disorder that you must be aware of under all circumstances.

  1. Melasma

The experts offering acupuncture fertility to keep morning sickness at bay defined melasma as tanning of forehead, cheeks, and upper lips. Also known as the mask of pregnancy, to prevent it from worsening, you must always wear sunscreen when venturing out during the daytime. If melasma continues to exist after delivery, opt for chemical peels or bleaching.  

  1. Spider Angiomas

Spider angiomas are described as a collection of blood vessels that emit from a central point, and bear resemblance to the legs of the spider.  In case they fail to clear up after childbirth, go through a laser treatment unhesitatingly.

  1. Stretch Marks

Studies have shown that 90% of women develop stretch marks because the skin of their abdomen and buttocks expand as the baby grows. Lotions containing alpha-hydroxy acids help to a great extent. You may also apply pure Aloe Vera gel, cocoa butter, or coconut and almond oil. Remember, patience is key.

  1. Skin Tags

Skin tags could be defined as harmless growths that may appear anywhere but usually develop under the breasts and arms. Skin tags increase in number, and if you feel they are bothering you or negatively impacting your appearance, get them removed surgically after delivery.

  1. Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy

Almost all pregnant women suffer from pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP). They develop hives or small red coloured bumps. The bumps sometimes join together to form bigger patches, spread from the abdomen to buttocks, thighs, arms, and breasts. To control the irritation, you may consume antihistamines or apply calamine lotion. 

  1. Acne

You will be disappointed if you believed your days of breaking out ended with high school. Pregnant women get acne on their face, back, and chest. Oral contraceptives alleviate the condition to a great extent. Well, the professionals offering acupuncture for endometriosis said the procedure reduces facial inflammation by stabilising hormonal levels.

At times, you must never neglect itchy skin. Cholestasis could be defined as a complicated liver disease that occurs due to excessive pregnancy hormones. They obstruct the normal bile flow in the gallbladder.

Cholestasis pops up during the third trimester. Severe itching, especially on the soles of the feet and palms, is the chief symptom. It is often accompanied by yellowing of nails and eyes, also called jaundice.

Instead of neglecting cholestasis, make sure to apply antiseptic creams, or consume over-the-counter medications.  Delivery also cures it, so, doctors often suggest inducing labour if the woman is nearing due date.

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