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Lactic Acid: The Surprising Solution to A Powerful Exfoliator.


Lactic Acid is simply put a chemical compound responsible to playing certain roles within biochemical processes of the human body. People constantly produce this compound with metabolism and exercise, however in commercial production lactic acid is created by lactic acid fermentation through lactic acid bacteria. These bacteria can also grow in our mouths and this is the acid responsible for tooth decay or caries.

The Swedish chemist Carl Wilhelm Scheele refined lactic acid for the first time in 1780, followed in 1808 by Jons Jacob Berzelius' discovery that muscles produced lactic acid during exertion. By 18654, Louis Pasteur has discovered the primary compound responsible for producing commercially made lactic acid. Today, world-wide production has reached over 275,000 tonnes of lactic acid on a commercial scale.


Lactic acid in skincare will come in the form of an alpha hydroxy or AHA, which is why it will improve the overall look and feel of your skin, remove dead skin cells, and encourage collagen production. While many AHA's like glycolic acid can irritate your skin, Lactic Acid has been proven to be a more mild AHA that tends to cause less adverse or bothersome results.

You will generally find Lactic Acid in exfoliators and chemical peels, although some anti-aging product may contain it as well. Lactic acid hydrates your skin while also increasing the amount of outer layer lips in the skin as well. Since lactic acid sloughs off dead skin cells, you will see a brighter and super smooth complexion as a result! If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, this acid is the way to go- it's really known for it's gentle yet awesome exfoliating power!





I was SUPER excited to try out this product and see what it was all about :) I really like the quality, organic beauty products that Oz Naturals brings to the table and have almost the entire line of products! This is a brand NEW product that they just put out in their line and it's a fantastic addition. The bottle is unique in that is has a metal screw lid that when twisted, reveals matched-up holes in order to allow the product to dispense.

This is a GOOD thing too, as the product has a very fine and almost sand-like quality to it that would be difficult to get out the product out if the container isn't designed well. Once you untwist the cap, it's easy to sprinkle out a small amount onto your hand and mix it with water. I will admit that it might take a couple of times using the product before you can figure out the right amount of water and enzyme/product, but I was able to get this close to what I was looking for in consistency after the 2nd attempt.

I found that using equal parts water and product seemed to work best for me, adding small drops of water and then a little bit of the product by shaking it into my hand. Once you can get a past going, you can apply this to your face and gently rub in circular motions; the instructions advise for you to do this for several minutes, as I also chose to do. Once you have completed that step, you'll want to leave this mixture on for a few minutes- the directions state for at least 5!

I also left on the mixture about this length of time and then gently washed the now-dried paste off of my face. You can pat your face dry, as it's usually suggested when using an exfoliator or acid peel, so as not to irritate the skin. Right after the first usage of this product, I could really see and feel how smooth my face felt and it looked brighter too :) My makeup went on like a dream after using this dermafoliant, and that was very noticeable as well- I didn't have to put on near as much concealer and this helped give me a nice, soft glow to my skin! 

What's great about this product too is that you can use it 2-3 times a week since it's mild and doesn't generally cause people skin irritation. There's also plenty of it- the Orient Rice Enzyme may seem as though it doesn't contain much with a 2.75 fl. oz. size, but you really don't need much of the product to get wonderful results. At under $25 it's one of the more affordable exfoliators on the market that contains lactic acid AND it's 100% Vegan and Cruelty-Free! 

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