For those needing Lancaster pest control, you need to check out Lancaster's finest, Dominion Pest Control LLC.  Dominion started in 2006, when local senior technician Gregory Pettis decided to break out on his own and take pest control to the next level.  Members of the Better Business Bureau since their inception, Dominion has now grown to be the most trusted name in Lancaster for pest control services.  You may reach them at 717-393-7879.

Soon after founding Dominion, WGAL Channel 8 asked Pettis to display his knowledge of Lancaster pest control through the Local Pros Who Know Program.  Greg produced two videos for the station, and one ran regularly for 6 months.  As time went on, other seasoned Lancaster based pest control technicians found out about Pettis' aggressive style of pest control as Dominion became more and more popular. Naturally, they wanted to be a part of this exciting new venture as Pettis opened the doors in to let the public see just how they do it (see below).

You have probably seen the logo:As the company continued to make the headlines, Dominion Pest Control stunned the Lancaster market in 2008, with the release of Dominators, the area's first reality show (online: Dominators.TV).  Lancaster Newspapers immediately rewarded them with a two-page story, entitled, "Total Domination of Reality TV" (Story: Page 1 Page 2).  York Daily Record found out about the project and asked Dominion if they could get in on the action and film them being filmed (I know, sounds funny, but you can see it here: YDR Dominators story). With all the media attention, this Lancaster pest control company quickly grew as other local veteran pest control technicians wanted to be a part of the action.  To date, Dominion's techs have fifteen years experience on average.

If all this was not enough, Lancaster's Dominion pest control services made news again for their stink bug program.  While the national pest control companies were saying that there was nothing they could do about the stinkers, Dominion drove a stake in the ground (literally) with signs that read, "Get Rid of Stink Bugs".  As you might expect, this caused no small stir, as competitors scratched their heads, and a local TV station commented on the signs on the air.  Residents in Lancaster did not know what to believe.  Then it Sept. of 2010, stink bugs exploded, and like the plagues of Egypt, Lancastrians cried out for help.  Soon, the landscape was covered with signs from Dominion in front yards that declared that the property was stink bug free.  Pettis says it was not uncommon for customers to call back after treatment and ask for a sign...anything to let the neighbors know they did not have stink bugs anymore.  Since then, Dominion put up an eighteen minute professional Stink Bug FAQ video on their homepage ( However, WGAL filmed Pettis here: WGAL Stink Bug Story and called him the "Stink Bug Expert". CBS filmed Pettis back in the spring of 2011 and you may watch here: CBS Stink Bug Story.

Fast forward: I am being told that Lancaster's Dominion Pest Control is now being filmed for a stink bug documentary to be aired nationally.  You may want to check their web site periodically for more information.

Dominion now has a total of eleven employees (some are part-time), but maintain 15 years of experience per technician.  The company says bed bugs are the next big item they are up against.  Their bed bug treatments also made news: Lancaster Newspapers interviewed senior technician, Christopher Komarow: “No one is immune. It’s not a rich, poor, clean or dirty type of issue.” Chris’ additional comment made quote of the week in Lancaster Sunday News: “Listen, you exhale and have warm blood — that’s all it takes.” 

There is rumor that Dominion may soon offer local Lawn Care services.  They say that demand is high for a local company to fill the void as more and more Lancaster residences are moving away from national companies for services to their homes.  Pettis is considering it after bringing on two technicians that have cross-over experience in lawn care that amounts to about 25 years of experience.

So, if you need local Lancaster pest control, I would encourage you to call Lancaster's favorite: 717-393-7879!

Chow for now!


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