Laser Hair Removal: The Do’s and the Don'ts

Before you embark on any form of permanent therapy, such as laser hair removal, you should fully understand what you're getting yourself into. You may suppose there isn't much to know about this procedure. After all, a specialist will just take the device, press the button, and the hair will be gone. 

However, like with other cosmetic treatments, it is not as straightforward as it appears. Before you attend your first session, there are a few things you should be aware of. Here are some dos and don'ts for before, during, and after laser hair removal treatment to help you get the most out of your experience.


First and foremost, conduct some research before entering the first institution you come across. It is essential to select a respected hair removal center where the work will be performed by a licensed aesthetician.


Shave the region you want to get treated before your hair removal session. It is not essential to let the unwanted hair grow all the way out. You can shave it right up until the day of your treatment. Remember that shaving is all that it is. Pre-shaving for a hair removal treatment allows the laser to focus on the root of the hair, resulting in greater effects.

Be patient

Each hair grows in its own cycle. Only hairs treated at a precise point in the cycle respond to laser hair removal, which is why many treatments are necessary for the greatest results. 10 to 20% of the treated hairs will come out 2 to 3 weeks following a laser hair removal treatment. 

During the healing process, the area must be handled with care. Avoid rubbing or scratching. Allow a crust to form and fall off on its own. To keep the treated region wet, apply a thin coating of aloe vera ointment several times a day. Pat the affected area dry. If the region is puffy or crusting, do not shave it.


Follow this list of things not to do before or after your laser hair removal treatment to make it go more smoothly. It will help you receive the greatest outcomes from your treatment, as well as speed up the healing process and eliminate any harmful side effects.

2 to 3 weeks prior to the event, avoid using tanning lotion

While the effects of fake tanner are typically attractive, the effects of darker pigmentation might reduce the efficiency of the laser. Sunless tanners can cause the laser to target the pigmentation of the "tan" rather than the hair follicle. It is ideal to get laser hair removal done 2 to 3 weeks after getting a sunless tan. The same is true for tans obtained through tanning salons and sunbathing – thus more reason to apply SPF and protect your skin.

Don't use beauty products

To reduce discomfort, avoid wearing makeup for the first 24 hours after having face laser hair removal. After the first few days, remove makeup with tepid water and fragrance-free cleansers, and avoid scrubbing. Avoid using shower gels, scents, or chemical lotions that might cause irritation if you're undergoing laser hair removal on your legs, bikini line, or underarms.

No plucking or waxing

Avoid the urge to pluck or wax in between sessions. Plucking and waxing will make it more difficult to accomplish the desired outcomes in the time frame you desire. The aim is to kill the hair follicle, which you may not achieve by plucking or waxing. The follicles must be targeted or the treatment will be ineffective. Remember to shave properly between sessions.

Avoid hot baths or swimming

For the first two days following your treatment, avoid hot showers or baths, as well as sitting in a sauna or hot tub. This will assist to lessen the chance of skin injury. You should also avoid swimming following your treatment. The high amounts of chlorine in pool water can cause skin damage.

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