Le Nez du Vin – Make Scents of Wine

By Anne-Marie Kovacs, Chief Wife

Wine aficionado, wine snob, wine geek or sommelier in training? We all know one. Or want to become one. Well, here  are some great kits to up the ante by Le Nez du Vin by Wine Aromas.

Le Nez du Vin Master Kit

Le Nez du Vin make the optimal oenophile training kits. Each kit – and there are 6 of them – contains petite vials, each filled with different aromas and notes imbued in wine.

“Le Nez du Vin Series is a discovery tool to educate and develop your sense of smell and enhance your enjoyment of wine”.

The foundation principle of Le Nez du Vin kits is that smelling is essential to tasting: Train your sense of smell, develop your scent memory for the various notes, teach yourself to recognize and describe the aromas that compose wine. Also crucial to this principle, of course, is that this extra knowledge will help us heighten the pleasure of drinking wine. That makes it all sounds so hedonistic – in a good way – doesn’t it?

More precisely, the kit helps to help to develop the sense of smell and to memorize the various notes from fruit aromas (lemon, melon, lychee, cherry…), to floral (rose, honey…), vegetable (clove, thyme…) and grilled aromas (chocolate, caramel, coffee…). You’re not let to your own device. The kit also includes an instruction manual and aroma guides. The whole is beautiful packaged in a cloth-bound “book”.

The Master Kit, which contains 54 wine aromas, is actually required course material at many oenology schools ($399).Seal of approval The Intermediate kit comes with 24 vials, with aromas of red and white wines ($229). A selection of 12 vial kits for each red and white wines are also available ($119). And, let’s not forget the Wine Faults kit, which is for the critical critic. It contains vials with aromas of the 12 prevalent faults found in wine. How interesting. I guess that faults are as essential to recognize as the good scent notes in aiding in our appreciation of good wine.

Le Nez du Vin is “Education Tool it helps develop the sense of smell and creates a common language to describe, understand and better enjoy wine.” And with such a beautiful presentation, we think it makes an ideal gift for the wine snob. Or geek.

P.S.: Coffee lovers. There is a kit for you too!

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