Learn which clothes to keep, which to toss and what to buy.

You have all been wondering which clothes you can toss for good and what are the kinds of clothes that your wardrobe needs today. If you have a closet that is a pile of clothes then dear friend we will help you today to get rid of the ones that are no more in fashion and make some room for the ones that you should buy.

  • Dress.

Toss it now.

 The first time you need to toss are the dresses that occupy your closet. No, not all of them. Only the ones that are tight and cling to every curve of your body. They can't be worn anymore.

What to keep or buy in replacement?

 Own a pair of dress that is button-down and one that is quite loose but accentuates the curves of your body well. You can wear these to dates, dinners and even parties.

  • T-shirts.

Toss it now.

If you have a dozen of t-shirts with a bunch of words written on them that makes no sense, then do toss it right now. You don’t need them. They might feel comfortable, but they are jit to be worn in public any more.

What to keep or buy in replacement?

You can keep a pair of shirts which are solid in colour. Like black, blue or white. Have them in round-neck style. You can even have a few that are cropped.

  • Sneakers.

Toss it now.

A pair of sneakers that have become old and are rugged at the edges need to go away right now. You don't need them anymore. They ruin your look and destroy your outfit in every way possible. You have got the maximum use possible and its time for it to be dumped with a heavy heart.

What to keep or buy?

Buy yourself a pair of brand new sneakers that will go with your dresses, shorts, skirts and jeans. You can own them in the classic white shade or buy some sneakers in funky colours.

  • Tops.

Toss it now.

Once they ruled the fashion world, but they are not coming back. We are talking about the tops with cold-shoulders. They have left the fashion industry with pride. So, you too let it go.

What to buy or keep?

Buy a shirt or top with ruffles instead. They are new to the market and will look great with your jeans. You can own them in the classic black colour.

  • Backpacks.

Toss it now.

Gone are the days when you could still carry around your backpack that you used in your childhood or college days need to go or be donated. You can’t use oversized backpacks either.

What to buy or keep instead?

Small backpacks are now in trend. They will store your essentials and give you the chic and fashionable look as well.

  • Pants.

Toss it now.

Are you the proud owner of a pair of parachute pants? Make sure they are gone by the end of this article. Ladies, they are not coming back to the fashion world. Trust us. Kindly toss them.

What to buy or keep?

There are a lot of options in that case. You can buy a pair of wide-legged pants/palazzos/culottes. They look mesmerizing in the ankle or full length. They can vary in colour and prints as well. They are the perfect choice for you and can find a place in your wardrobe.  Go to and shop for pants that are in fashion now.


  • Horrors of the past.

Toss it now.

No wardrobe is complete without one going “what was I thinking?” If you too own such clothes then do throw it away. They can include.

  1. Clothes with pom-pom balls.
  2. Clothes that are too tight or loose.
  3. Too many dresses with the same prints or designs.

What can you buy instead?

We ask you to own a pair of things like:

  • Jacket, dresses or suits in velvet.
  • Skirts that come all the way down to your knees.
  • Clothes in neutral or beige colour.
  • Overalls or jumpsuits that don't cling to your body.
  • Shirts with high-neck or turtlenecks.

You like everyone else like your investment where you can lay your eyes on them every time. The need for overcrowding your closet with clothes that aren’t needed is a big no. You must take out the time and with a heavy heart put your old clothes in boxes that either don’t fit or have stains on them or are never going to come back to the fashion world. Enjoy the new and upcoming fashion trends and make room for them in your life and cupboard.

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