One of the main reasons I do this blog is so that I learn: I learn what other parents are doing, what the experts say parents should be doing, and from my own mistakes. It's often hard for me to see the mistakes I am making in the moment, so I need a way to write them out, think them through and try to remember not to repeat them.

And, as a parent, I have learned one very important thing: We all make a lot of the same mistakes.

It's painful to think about them: The times I let my son down, the times I thought I was doing the right thing but I wasn't, or the times I just didn't know what to do in the moment.

I tell my son that he should learn from his mistakes, because I truly believe that is possible - you just have to go through the (sometimes painful) process of analyzing them.

I'm not perfect. I know that. I tell my son that I don't expect him to be perfect either. But, we should all be trying to be better.

What is a parenting mistake you are trying to learn from? Tell me in the comments.

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