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It was with utter shock that I read that Dora is going to get a makeover this fall. What? Surprised are you? So was I. I read with disgust what that change would entail. Mattel and Nickelodeon have announced that they allow “Dora to Grow Up” this fall. Now our beloved adventure girl will become a fashionista. It makes me sick. When I was a Big Sister (part of the Big Brother, Big Sister organization) I remember them stating how little girls have few strong role models and colored girls even less so. Being a person of color and having two young impressionable daughters, this is a topic too close to my heart to not write about. To be true to Dora, if they wanted her to grow up, then they would make her have a focus on something other than appearance. There are enough Barbies and princesses out there, do we really need more of the same.

Not too long ago I blogged about Why Dora gets Mommy Niri’s vote. In a world fraught with pink princesses needing to be rescued from Prince Charming I was thrilled to discover Dora. Someone recently made a comment “I know a lot of parents like you who are anti-princesses” and that angered me. I am not anti anything, I am for strong, dedicated female role models for young girls. Nothing wrong with princesses, but I can’t understand why all need a prince to be complete. The focus on physical appearances is also what bugs me. Kids have their entire life to be obsessed with that (and yes, obsess they will) so why do we need to push that? Let my girls be kids. Let them dig in the dirt for worms if they want to (ok, I am not that fond of worms but you get the picture). May adventure and exploration always be a part of our children’s lives.

Dora stands for so much more than Nickelodeon can fathom. It is an icon to us moms wanting more for our children so how dare they think they can get away with this. There is a petition out there, so sign it please. Signing it may lead to nothing or it can stop this, but can you afford not to sign it? Together we can tell them to “Leave our Dora alone!”.

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