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Hey Mom Bloggers Club!

Hitting the blog today is some awesome LEGO organization tips straight from our LEGO room! Check out the sneak peaks RIGHT here at Mom Bloggers Club and find the rest at!

Get the full list of necessary items to fulfill this task here.


Tip #1 I highly recommend doing this on a clean rug or carpet. It can become very daunting to pick up those tiny pieces and bricks on a hard floor.

Tip #2 Start with one color at a time. When you’re bored of that color, move on for a few minutes. This sounds funny but, you will likely become bored of picking up only blue little blocks for 45 minutes straight! I always start with red. It’s easy to see and my eye immediately goes towards pulling those first. Then, I move on to yellow and orange, brown, blue and green, white and tan, and finally I separate the black from the gray. We always seem to have the most of black and gray so rather than taking the time to separate those from ALL of the other colors, I leave them for last and just separate them from each other.

Check out more tips on BRICKS here.


Tip #1 This is where you might want to pull a kid into the room, let them go ahead and reassemble minifigures. Unless it’s clear as day, I don’t try this myself without the brain of my LEGO expert. He knows which body goes with which legs, which head goes with certain bodies, etc. So, to let him get his hands into the task, I give him this job.

Check out more tips on MINIFIGURES here.

More to read at the full blog post on The Happening Housewife!

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