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Dealing With A Negligent Birthing Experience And The PTSD That Can Come With It


It’s estimated that 9% of women experience postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following childbirth due to a real or perceived trauma. Unfortunately, this…

How To Improve Your Sanity During the Covid Crisis

It’s unbelievable. While it seemed that life was about to finally get back to normal with the gradual opening of states, all of a sudden an uptick in COVID-19 cases has hit the country like a tidal wave. While many governors have vowed not to completely shut down states again many are still not fully opened. And, to…

Three Start-Ups to Consider After the Covid Crisis

If your job is in flux and you are not sure if you will even be employed when the COVID-19 crisis is finally over it might be time to start thinking about being a part of a start-up. To be sure, becoming an entrepreneur during a time when everything is uncertain might not be the best time to begin a business. Sometimes,…


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Let’s Stop Masking the Bad Days and Start Boosting Our Overall Wellness!

I have been thinking more and more about how we can keep our little family healthy, and I have concluded that all we have to do is simply that — be healthy. Eating well, living well, getting all of our vitamins and nutrients, being positive and staying active can make all of the difference in so many different realms of our lives! Zarbee’s Naturals, a line of all natural vitamin drink mixes that I have very recently been introduced to has made doing ALL OF THAT 10x easier!!!

Everyone who knows me knows that I do not do medicine. Nine times out of ten I will skip the meds and get my hands on vitamins (i.e. vitamin C or vitamin packed drinks) or herbal teas for my own natural remedy. Most medicines only treat your symptoms and are NOT treating you or making anyone healthier in any way. Many even make you tired and lagging until they’ve worn off. The ones that aren’t supposed to make you tired are often just like drinking a bunch of caffeine; you just crash extremely hard after a while. No wonder we feel better for a moment or two, we are either knocked into a deep sleep or very briefly super charged. And you still have the cold for about a week or longer. This week or longer is the same amount of time it takes for many colds to simply pass on their own, naturally!

More importantly, taking care of ourselves before we need to really be taken care of makes a huge difference in our daily energy and how amazing we feel overall! I know I speak for both my husband and myself when I say that drinking our Zarbee’s Naturals has given us so much pep to our step!!! Mikey likes to drink them before his morning workout… before work; he keeps asking me every morning, “can I have another one of those drinks you got?” I’m like “you don’t have to ask me, GO FOR IT!” I just love that he loves something so natural and so good for him!!! It definitely beats him drinking a bunch of coffee or pre-workout caffeine drinks any day! I can also tell that I get so much more done during the day when I have some myself! I feel high in spirit and like I can accomplish anything, but I also feel relaxed and at ease too, like I don’t have to stress about everything because I have so much more time and energy to get things done.

I will definitely need a bit of a boost and the feeling of being at ease to keep up with our baby while on these very peculiar sleep schedules!!! I want to be at my very best while spending my days with little Aria so I will definitely be going out to buy some more!

Autumn is also coming. My favorite season! The only downside to the season, at least for me, is having to avoid all of the colds going around. We will also be living on a Naval base with over 1.6 million people! The odds will definitely not be in our favor. But then again, if we are taking care of ourselves in every way that we can including taking in the immune boots, vitamins, and antioxidants in Zarbee’s drinks, I think we will be playing in the fallen leaves without an ounce of care about any cold all season long!

Zarbee’s Naturals Vitamin Mix flavors AND MORE HERE!!!

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