Cutie Pie has been having fun at camp after the camp leaders pry him off of me! He's only been about 5 times now, but I thought I'd share what my preschooler is learning at preschool camp so far!

One of the first days the children learned how to stand and walk in a line. I never thought about it before, but what a thing to learn! When I heard he learned this I stopped and thought about how I would have taught him such a thing with a toddler who has his own mind. Standing in line by himself just wouldn't work!

The second day, the kids met a police officer. She told them all about her job, how she helps people and protects them. They checked out the back seat in the police cruiser, taking turns sitting in it and upon exiting they would be handcuffed. So exciting for big campers!

Cutie Pie actually went in a bounce house and, according to him, jumped so high he couldn't land on his feet! He's never liked bounce houses before, so I'm not sure if it was peer pressure being too much or if he saw how much fun everyone was having so he tried it, too. Either way I'm so glad because he definitely had fun! He couldn't stop talking about it!

Somewhere along the way he painted a t-shirt with his blue feet! And they had show and tell, to which he brought his favorite Match Box car and a triceratops. The lead teacher said he did great telling the class all about his toys!

His Nana told me sending Cutie Pie to camp was one of the best things I've signed him up for so far. I've seen him more confident every day he comes home. He's more confident that I won't leave him there for good. His confidence in himself shows in the stories he tells about camp, in his walk, in his play...the only thing I don't like about it is that he seems so much more like a big boy and not little anymore!

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