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If you ladies have the coverage by your Medical, I highly recommend taking full advantage. Most medical carriers cover Registered Massage Therapy, if not 100% than a great portion of it...and let me tell you if you don't take advantage of this, your going to be very very upset you neglected yourself the luxurious pampering.

I found a RMT at a local spa that I just love, Spa Utopia. They had Massages for pre-pregnancy, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Trimester even Post Partum. Each massage specializing exactly what your body needs to be eased into relaxation helping you cope with every stage as you go through it.


{Spa Utopia in Vancouver, British Columbia}



Our therapists will work with you to develop a treatment to improve the strength, flexibility and stability of trouble areas as your body prepares for pregnancy. 

First Trimester 
This treatment helps manage muscular tension as your bodyadjusts to pregnancy. In addition to massage and breathing techniques, gentle exercises are recommended to strengthen and stabilize your lower back and abdominal core. 

Second Trimester
Expanding abdominals, growing breasts, and postural changes place increasing stress on your back, legs and shoulders. These massage therapy sessions are designed to reduce aches and pains, while specific recommended exercises stabilize your body. 

Third Trimester
During this trimester, treatments are focused on reducing muscular and joint discomfort. As your delivery date gets closer, relaxation becomes the priority. Both you and your baby will love it! 

Post Partum
This session is both relaxing and therapeutic. Specific massage techniques are used to help your muscles and joints make a quick recovery. We also begin treating scars, such as those from a caesarean section. Pamper yourself as you mother your baby. 


I have gone to my first massage, which was during my Second Trimester however have waited until now to post about it for the simple fact that I wanted to see how my body reacted AND how the Medical Company treated my submission. I know that some plans have a lot of fine print and I wanted to be sure that I could in fact "preach" about how fabulous it is without you ladies running into any problems. 

I booked my first appointment at Spa Utopia for a 50 Minute Second Trimester Massage which couldn't have been more luxurious and needed. My lower back and shoulder blades had been aching for the past 3 weeks and my husbands rubs just were not cutting it anymore. Bless his heart! 

The entire process of the Massage was almost better than a regular Massage only because the RMT took such care in making sure myself and baby were just perfectly comfortable and that we were getting the most out of her amazing hands. She asked me a few times through out the Massage how I was feeling, the pressure and if I was comfortable, I couldn't have been more perfect!

I have gone ahead and booked already for my Third Trimester Massage and literally am counting down the days until I see her warm hands again. 

I have read up quite a bit on how good a massage can be for a pregnant women and I want to make sure I share the point I found most interesting to you. Hoping that you will either take advantage of your Benefits with Medical Coverage or that you will at least treat yourself to a few through out the 9 months. They are more than worth the money!



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