Life as a single mom – can you afford whatever you want?

Being a single mom is definitely not an easy job. You have a tremendous number of responsibilities that you cannot neglect at any cost. Single moms don’t get breaks, and the whole situation can become very tiring at times. It is important to know that, in such moments, the way you think is going to change your perception on life. Everything that you possess in life, every action that you do at the moment in order to keep your family together – these are all going to be paid back lately. All the work you put in will give you more satisfaction than you can actually handle. The secret is not to stop working for your goals, no matter how hard it gets. You have one shot to make things right and you simply cannot miss it just because your mind is telling you to quit. Being in strong in such moments and keeping up with all the challenges that show up in your life is going to make you grow in ways you never imagined.

Your number one priority at the moment should be your children and – implicitly – offering them the best. You might encounter financial struggles every now and then, but you must find a way to overcome them and afford anything you wish. This is the safest bet to reach happiness and satisfaction, while your children grow in the best possible environment for them. Buying luxury properties in London might seem impossible at the moment, but with enough motivation and work, you’ll get there. This article is meant to present some methods that could help you earn more money than you ever imagined and take care of your family independently. Here’s a list with ideas that could change your entire future:


Time is definitely a problem when you are a single mom. Without properly organizing your time, you won’t be able to do everything you need to. Assess your time properly and make room for activities that are productive instead of spending that little free time you have by worrying and venting to your friends of how difficult your life is. One hour is enough in order to be productive. Have you ever heard about freelancing? If you have a laptop, a connection to the Internet and 60 minutes a day to spend working on a project of your choice, some money will pop up in your account.

Freelancing involves delivering work over online platforms. For instance, if you want to help other single moms overcome the situation, you can look for writing projects that involve creating articles on such topics. The demand for freelancers is extremely high, so don’t lose your hope. Sign up on platforms such as Freelancer or Upwork and search through the thousand projects available. You will find one that suits your skills, expertise and preferences and you’ll make some extra money for the ongoing month. You may start little, but this journey requires taking small steps in order to succeed. Trust the process and you’d be surprised how much money you can earn out of freelancing. Plus, your children will grow and won’t require as much attention as right now. Being a single mom doesn’t require superpowers. You will make it through. You will buy one of that exclusive homes London you always wanted. Just be patient and take your time.

Making that investment you always wanted to make

You have a passion that you forgot about simply because you no longer had the time to invest into it? Now it’s the right moment to do it. Making a risky investment can turn out to be something great if you make the right decisions. When you are absolutely sure that you can fructify your skills and turn them into something that’s producing money, you don’t have any reasons to hesitate. Even though you may be completely immersed into being a good mother and the rest of responsibilities you have, taking such a step could represent a beneficial change into your life – both emotionally and financially.

Sure, risks are scary, and they can go wrong, but trying is much better than regretting later, when it is going to be too late. Take advantage of the fact that you still can do some things and trust your gut. Sometimes this is the best decision you can make. In addition, you might find emotional comfort in doing something you wanted to do for a long time. Putting yourself first every now and then is not wrong because you will always respect your role as a mother, no matter what decisions you make. Turning your hobby into something that produces money will help you become happy, and that’s good for your children too.  

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