Lifestyle And Grooming Tips To Minimize Dog Shedding

Do your friends have to sit on a sheet of dog hair instead of a couch? And all you can do to avoid this inconvenience is vacuum endlessly, is that so?

Pets are a source of ultimate happiness, but as their parents, we are responsible for their joy which lies in just three things: 1. Good Food 2. Good Health 3. Your Love. And having to vacuum just to clean up your dog’s fur is a sign of bad health.

Although dog shedding is normal, you must keep track of it to be able to differentiate between normal and excessive to take timely preventive measures. Proper grooming is one of the best ways to pamper your petBefore we talk about how to minimize your pooch’s shedding, let’s find out the possible causes of it for your better understanding.

What Causes Abnormal, Excessive Shedding?

There are several reasons for why your dog could be shedding excessively including stress, bad diet, poor nutrition, allergies, lack of grooming, or a medical condition. Just like human beings, they too need a balance of good diet, grooming, good health, and stress-free atmosphere to have a healthy living. Although food brands have on-point nutrition value for pets, allergic pooches may need a little experimenting to find that right brand.

Like I said before, shedding is a normal part of our furry friends, and spring, as well as fall, are the official dog shedding seasons where you might observe excessive shedding. If your pooch keeps losing his fur exceedingly apart from these seasons, guys, it’s time to visit your vet!

Now, The Preventive Measures To End The Saga Of Shedding

The tips for minimizing dog shedding are divided into two parts: Lifestyle and Grooming. So you don’t have to use that deshedding tool like crazy to stop shedding as there could be some dietary or lifestyle issue responsible for it and vice versa.

Let’s talk about both the ways of controlling dog shedding!

Grooming Tips For Pruning Abnormal Fur Loss In Dogs

  • Timely Bathing

Unlike us, dogs don’t need frequent showers. So if you think that the more you bathe your pooch, the cleaner and healthier the skin, you are wrong. How frequent you should wash your pet depends on the breed. Study your pooch’s breed before deciding on the frequency.

Bathing and its frequency is an essential grooming factor as excessive washing makes the pet’s coat drier and devoid of essential skin oils. And dry skin causes the fur to shed at a faster rate.

Also, another bathing essential is to use only the dog shampoos available as the pH value of pets is different than ours.

  • Brush Your Dog’s Coat Regularly

Brushes are one of the most feasible dog deshedding tools available in the market, and regular brushing is one of the most effective remedies to control shedding in dogs.

So all you need to do is go to a deshedding tool store, get one apropos brush that aligns with your pooch’s breed, and make it a habit of brushing your pet’s coat. This could be your personal time where you don’t do anything else other than petting your furry pal.

Brushing does not only removes dead hair from your dog’s coat but also rejuvenates it by distributing the essential oils all over the body. Not doing so will make your pet’s skin dry and with increasing accumulation of the dead skin, shedding would be excessive.

  • Choose The Right Dog Deshedding Tool

Using the right kind of dog hair brush is as important as brushing itself. There are around three options in general: Rakes, slicker brushes, and bristle brushes. Rakes are more suitable for breeds with long, dense fur like German Shepherds. Slicker brushes have medium length spikes making them perfect for breeds with curly, medium fur. As for pugs and other breeds adorning smoother coats, bristle brushes are perfect.

However, brushes are not the only deshedding tools available. If your pooch gets restless while brushing and doesn’t allow you to work on the coat, you could opt for grooming gloves. All you have to do is pet your furry friend, yes, all over the body!

  • Shedding Blades Work Wonders For Heavy Shedder

One of the handy dog deshedding tools is shedding blades which serves its purpose on-point, especially if you use it before the shedding seasons. Shedding blades are often combined with brushes and other grooming tools to get the best results.

Lifestyle Tips To Minimize Fur Shedding In Dogs

  • Make Sure Your Pets Remain Hydrated Throughout The Day

It’s not rocket science that not drinking water will ultimately make the skin drier. So to prevent dry coat in your pets, make sure they have access to clean water at all times of the day.

  • Include Healthy Oils In Routine

If you are a resident of a cold country or state, rubbing natural oils such as coconut and olive oil on your pet’s coat could be the best thing you could do for his fur.

But you also have to make sure that you are not overusing it as it could make the fur oily and dirty, a perfect surrounding for germ infestation. If you are not sure about the topical use of oil, you could also include omega-rich foods in your dog’s diet.

  • There’s Nothing That A Correct Diet Can’t Do

A healthy diet is one of the answers to all health issues in both, humans and pets, and this includes shedding as well.

Avoiding cheap dog food brands that is full of gluten and starch is the first thing you must do. We must remember that although dogs are domesticated today, they belong to the family of wild wolves who always ate raw food, mainly meat.

Ensure apt inclusion of meat in your dog’s diet that covers the requirements of essential fatty acids in the body. Omega fatty acids enrich the coat and decrease shedding.

  • Don’t Skip Flea Treatments

Preventing flea infestations is extremely crucial for a healthy fur, and luckily, using deshedding tools covers this need. However, you must use flea treatments, especially during the flea season.

Final Inference

The deshedding tips mentioned above will help you take care of both the aspects responsible for your pooch’s shedding- lifestyle and grooming. Incorporate these suggestions, and invest in quality deshedding combs and grooming tools to fight the falling fur!

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