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Long Horse Rides – Best ten guidelines to keep in mind

Do you want to learn horseback riding? If yes, then the first few lessons are going to be very critical. Of course, you will be slightly awkward, have confusion as well as questions. There's no way you should feel ashamed of it. Also, if you are planning to take training long route horse rides, you need to get prepared well.

Long horse ride is a pleasant activity. But you need to maintain a few guidelines as well. Discussed below are ten essential directions for long horse rides.

 1. Get your horse-riding gear correct

You wouldn’t be wearing casuals for your long route horseback rides. Long trousers and apt boots are essential for long horse rides. Since you've to cover a long distance, you need to dress in a way that the journey is comfortable.

 2. Decide on the route first

It's always exciting to keep going on horseback. But if you've just been fresh out of your horse-riding lessons, then you need to time your long horse rides. So, select a route that is not very long. It will help you cover the path all by yourself successfully.

 3. Increase your practice lessons

You will undoubtedly practice before the main horse long route riding event. Decide on a coach who is eager to help you. Make sure that you take at least two lessons per week. This way your coach can monitor both your progress and flaws.

 4. Greet the horse

Even a horse is a living being and understands human gestures. To perform well a horse needs to connect well with its rider. Hence, before setting out on the long route horseback journeys’, you should greet the horse as you pat it. The horse will start connecting with you and will do well in a one-day long route journey. Every professional horse rider that you get to see in TVG does the same.

 5. Mount your horse with complete confidence

It's essential for you to mount the horse with full confidence. Sometimes, when there's a lack of trust, you are nervous. It doesn't call for a good show every time. So all you have to do is study and be confident. Additionally, make sure you don’t push your horse for any reasons down your arms.

 6. Make sure you dismount like a complete professional

On your long horse riding, lessons learn how to dismount with confidence. If you are on a horseback ride with other teammates ask someone to hold your horse. Take both feet from the stirrups, carefully lean forwards and swing the right leg atop the horse and lightly jump off.

 7. Don’t leave your teammates

Initially, your long horse rides will be with a team. Make sure that on the way you don't go without your teammates and ride to a separate path. It is to ensure you’re safe during the ride. 

 8. Carry your water bottle

Keeping hydrated during a long horse ride is essential. Hence, you need to carry your water bottle with you all through the journey.

 9. Stay focused on your horse-riding path

Contrary to popular opinion, you shouldn't be looking at your horse during the long ride. Always stay focused on the trail. It will help you to complete the journey well.

 10. Keep your position correct

Sometimes riders make the mistake of slouching. It's a wrong posture. All you need to do is sit back straight, be relaxed and keep riding.

When it comes to long horse rides, there are plenty of guidelines that you can count on.  You will get better with more practice, observation, and application of the same. Start with these ten guidelines and watch yourself getter better.


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