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Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

Having furry companions is probably the best experience for people who love animals and constant companionship. Pet ownership involves a lot of sacrifices, responsibilities, and memorable moments. As you receive emotional fulfillment from your pets, you should return the favor by keeping them safe and healthy, as…


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Looking for a Sponsor to BloggyCon 2011

We all have hopes and dreams in our lives. As a blogger,there is always something to learn and so much to stay on top off. Trends change and social media has become crucial in the world of online presence. “Bloggy Conference was created to enable the members of the blogosphere to attend a conference where family can come along and enjoy the trip as much as conference attendees. Attendees will walk away from Bloggy Conference with a better sense of authentic self,community,education and direction” via Bloggy Conference. I am seeking a partial or full sponsorship to cover the cost of the event,as well as travel accommodations and other expenses.

Although I have maintained this blog since 2007,I have just recently been able to get more involved with it to market it. I am a part of several mom blogging communities such as Blog Frog,Social Moms,Bloggy Moms,SITS Girls and more. As well as other sites such as Our Milk Money,Pitch It To Me,Business 2 Blogger,and Clever Network. Reviews and giveaways are the main focus of 7 on a Shoestring. I enjoy reviewing products from reputable companies and then sharing my honest opinion with my readers. In turn,I am able to share with the reader as I offer a giveaway based on product reviews on my blog.

I actively engage in various Social Media outlets to get the word out to others. My blog is fed directly to both Facebook and Twitter to potentially reach thousands of readers. All views expressed are 100% mine and are factual based on my personal experience,along with that of my review team{otherwise known as my family}. I am always honest and fair when representing a brand to my loyal readers and followers. I believe everyone deserves to know the truth about a brand before making an informed buying decision.

By attending BloggyCon’11 from July 13-16,2011,at Great Wolf Lodge in Mason,Ohio,I am hoping to learn from the extensive panel of experts and to increase my blog traffic. Readers are eager for information and reviews that are relative to their lifestyle. I attempt to relate to my followers on a personal level as a mom,a woman and a consumer in general. The anticipation of possibly attending my first conference is overwhelming and I am eager to promote a sponsor willing to give me the opportunity.

What a sponsor would need to provide:

  • A full conference pass to BloggyCon:$176{early registration ends 5/31 and price then becomes $226}
  • Accommodations at Great Wolf Lodge for 3 nights:$749.97{discount given with conference registration can lower this cost}
  • RoundTrip Airfare from DFW to CVG:$426{price was current at time of posting but subject to change daily}
  • Ground Transportation:$200{taxi to and from airport to Lodge should be only need for ground transport}
  • Other Expenses:$1000{meals,miscellaneous charges,clothes,etc}

What I can provide you as a sponsor:

  • Hand out business cards,samples and other media promoting your brand
  • Wear apparel and/or carry mugs,totes,pins promoting your brand as I circulate throughout the event
  • Live Tweets from the conference promoting your brand
  • Your logo on both my laptop and iPad thoughout the conference{an iPhone skin may also possible}
  • Any additional PR ideas are open for discussion

Types of Sponsorship

Partial Sponsorship:

  • $200-$500: Text link for 3 months in sidebar and Tweets during conference
  • $501-$1000: 125X125 Button Ad above the fold for 6 months,Tweets during the conference and 1 blog post during the event with text links
  • $1001-$2000: 125X125 Button Ad above the fold for 9 months,Tweets during the conference and 1 blog post prior to and during the conference

Full partnership approximately $2550:{which would mean full promotional attention through the duration of the conference}

All of the above plus

  • 125X125 Button above the fold for 12 months
  • brand promotion on Facebook
  • 1 blog post prior to and 2 blog posts during the conference
  • continuous blog post promoting events, sales and other advertising needs for 12 months
  • Mention and text link in each blog post about BloggyCon’11 pre-,during,and post-conference
  • Other ideas are welcome for discussion

Please contact me if you feel I am a good match for your brand’s promotional needs. A media kit is available upon request. I look forward to working with you and am excited about the possibilities. I am open to other ideas for sponsorship and ready to discuss your needs as a BloggyCon’11 sponsor.


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