Naturalon advises on ways of maintaining good health and shape by eating right by consuming fish. In addition to the benefits stated, eating fish and other meat contributes in the loss of weight. There are many ways that can help on loss of weight. Most of these ways make you feel hungry and unsatisfied. For you to persevere this feeling, you need to have iron willpower. Did you know it very much possible to lose weight as you eat? It is always said that we become of what we eat. The three basic steps of significantly losing weight will work towards reducing your appetite, making you lose your weight faster without having to starve yourself and, improve your metabolic health. The three steps are;

1. Reduce the amount of sugars and starches; these foods stimulate secretion of insulin which is the main storage of fat in the body. Cutting on the consumption of these foods lowers the level of insulin which in turn enables the body to start burning fats instead of carbs. Also, lowering insulin helps the kidneys to shed excess sodium and water out of the body thus reducing the unnecessary water weight. Avoiding these foods can help greatly in losing both body and fat weight thus it can help you to lose up to 10 pounds in the first week. Cutting of carbs will lower insulin, thus lowering your appetite and thus you won’t starve yourself.

2. Eat lots of proteins, fats and vegetables; whenever you eat a meal, it should be balanced diet. I.e. it should contain proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Proteins can be got from meat, fish and sea foods, eggs, etc. Consumption's of foods high in proteins can reduce the thoughts about foods by about 60%. It reduces the desire for late night snacks. You always feel full that you eat fewer calories per day. If you are looking at drastically losing weight without having to starve yourself, then consumption of proteins is the real deal. A diet based on meat and vegetables contains all fiber, vitamins and minerals that you may need to be healthy thus no need for the grains in the diet.

3. Lift weight and do lots of exercises; by doing so, you burn few calories and prevent your metabolism from slowing down. This is a common side effect of losing weight. If  lifting weight is not one of the best and available options for you, you can opt for easier cardio workouts such as running, jogging, swimming or even walking. By doing these workouts, there are calories that are burnt in your body.

By following the above three steps, you are assured that you will remain fit, healthy and in good shape. Basically, losing weight should not be the ultimate goal but you should work towards maintaining your BMR.

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