After seeing the season premier of "The Hills", and seeing Heidi Montag's "new look" I have to admit that it was a pretty disturbing "scene". Here you have a young, beautiful girl who obviously looked in the mirror and saw something completely different from what we saw, or at least different from what I saw. To me, before she had the 10 surgeries, she looked young, fresh, natural and attractive. However, now she looks much older than her years, stiff and "barbie" or should I say, "plastic" like.

First of all, why would any doctor even agree to perform these surgeries? Here you have a 20-something-year-old girl who obviously has a distorted image of herself. It's so sad to think about how many of us look in the mirror and want to change the look we were born with. I mean, there are of course some things I would like to change . . .but realistically, I can not ever imagine taking a thought and turning it in to a reality.

Why not just take the look we came in to this world with, and and embrace it? There are so many fun makeup products that help us "enhance" our own natural features. It's so fun to play up our own look!

For instance, use a highlighter along your nose and cheekbones to really bring out the best in those two features. Grab a lip plumber and help give your lips an extra "boost". Also, so many makeup lines have color palettes that are recommended for your particular eye color, to really "play up" your own natural hue. My favorite is Almay and Physician's Formula. These two lines have fun colors that give brown, blue or green eyes a natural, dramatic or flirty look, depending on your mood.

So, next time you look in the mirror, remember that you are unique and beautiful. There is no other person in this world with your exact features. We are truly all one-of-a-kind. So, have fun with your look and enjoy what you were blessed with!

Want a fun way to "play" with your own face . . .upload your picture to this site and enjoy trying out hairstyles, makeup and various other ways to enhance and change up your look, without going under the knife!

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