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Are those double fudge chocolate chip brownies over there? Oh yes I have to have them. Yup that's me I love food; even some of the strangest things that disgust my hubby. Yummy BRAUNSCHWEIGER!!!!!! Because of this fact I am one of the masses who struggles with weight issues.

I have tried the whole diet thing and felt miserable; I found myself craving things even more than normal. I have never been great at sticking to an exercise routine either; IT IS SO HARD. I definitely don't feel comfortable going to a gym and feeling judged by all those people. I was doing really great for about 6 months and then I had some things happen where I couldn't keep up. And of course trying to convince myself to just suck it up and get back to it has been pretty impossible. I've decided it's time to get over it and that I would share what I find along the way that works for me while not torturing myself with some ridiculous diet. So here comes my first series; Magnificent Mama Mondays, join me for the ride.

Magnificent Mama Mondays

I am in no way a doctor or have any sort of expertise, I am just sharing my journey. You should always consult a doctor before undertaking any kind of diet or exercise routine.

Here goes; are you ready for a wild and bumpy ride? I still plan on enjoying my food through every moment of this. One BIG tip I can give right now that I see a lot of people have issues with, practice portion control. So many people over eat which causes a lot of problems; I don't blame them though (I suffer on occasion) because food is so good. Do we see a problem here? Yes I think so **sigh**

Let's stop talking about food, now ****ginger snaps sound good****

Okay fine NOW

Well at least for this post anyways ;)

I think it's always best to start off small so that is the way I've decided to go about things. If you try to do to much at once your just going to feel overwhelmed and like you just can't do it. Listen to your body at all times, because it knows when it's gonna keel over into a big mess that lets face it, your going to be the one cleaning up anyways. Woo hoo more workout (yes cleaning is considered a workout in my book, we sweat right?)

Now for those of you who are like me and wouldn't be caught with one pretty little pink toe in a gym, or if you can't afford to go out and buy any of those at home exercise programs just yet go check out YouTube, this link will send you to my very own channel. It's not all pretty yet and I don't have any videos but I am working on it. For now you can see who I subscribe to and a couple playlists. Go in search of others and let me know who you find and love because I would like us to be in this together :) Sometimes the extra shove off the cliff we need is support from others!!! 

Check back every Monday to see how I'm doing, share a little about yourself, tell us what you've found that works for you.

And remember you are Magnificent!!!

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