Make Memories With These First and Last Day Chalkboards

When I was growing up my mother took whatever chance she could to make memories for me and my siblings. It might be surprising us with homemade cupcakes when we got home from school or having arts and crafts projects on hand when we claimed to be bored during long, hot Southern summers. As moms, making memories with our children can stick with them for a lifetime. I know they have stuck with me. Now, it's our chance to make a new generation of memories with our children that they can share with their kids when they grow up. 

We recently received the most adorable First Day and Last Day chalkboards from, a family-owned business based in Florida. What we found so great about these chalkboards is you can use these for any occasion like the school year or even summer camp and you can use them for one child or all of your children with a swipe of a chalk eraser. These chalkboards can also last for years because the entire board is customizable. 

Now that the school year is coming to an end, these would be the perfect memory maker that you can share with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends. But, most importantly it can be a scrapbook-worthy addition for a child. 

Each of these chalkboards is extremely lightweight and the large enough to make a statement in photos. According to the website the chalkboard is 10" x 12" in size and is made out of 1/16 black plastic that has been laser cut to size and printed in full color with long-term UV ink that will not peel or scratch!

The First and Last Day chalkboards are $60 from 

If you have seen your friends' Facebook and Instagram accounts around the beginning of the end of the year you know that first and last day announcements are incredibly popular. Some of the announcements are DIY chalkboards or even written on posterboard. made it incredibly easy and aesthetic with these chalkboards. And, again, the most important thing is you can use these over and over again. We love that! 

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