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Health Benefits Of CBD Oil For Dogs And Cats

Having furry companions is probably the best experience for people who love animals and constant companionship. Pet ownership involves a lot of sacrifices, responsibilities, and memorable moments. As you receive emotional fulfillment from your pets, you should return the favor by keeping them safe and healthy, as…


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Make Your Customers Swipe Up On Your Brand’s Instagram Stories

Instagram has been a digital marketing hotspot ever since it introduced an integrated toolkit for the effective brand promotions of businesses across the globe. The popular social media platform is well equipped to provide your brand with a high audience engagement rate and increase awareness over time. Marketing your brand online increases its visibility and helps you hit the right target audience. 

Before you strategize your content for digital marketing on Instagram, it is important that you know your audience. 

Every market has a different composition. You must seek a deep understanding of your market in order to comprehend which content will work best for your target audience. Your digital marketing strategies must always resonate with consumer behavior. If you do not want your consumers to circumvent your promotional content and advertisements, you must know their taste and then accordingly strategize your Instagram content.  

Instagram stories are a petite but equally effective tool for promoting your brand on stories. You must not have extremely elaborative content on your stories since they only play for a fraction of seconds. People do not read wordy stories and neither do they watch videos that are not visually appealing at first sight. Thus, you hardly have three to four seconds to convince your customers to Swipe-Up on your story.  

Here are 5 creative techniques to make your viewers swipe-up on your stories instantly!

Advertise your brand

Introducing your brand is a crucial step in the digital marketing process. You must do so by using the utmost creativity. Tell the viewers about your brand with the help of quality content. Make sure to keep your written matter extremely limited on Instagram stories, nothing more than a sentence or two. A popular way of marketing brands on stories is by inserting a striking image and just a crisp tag line underneath the story. This creates a sense of curiosity in your viewers to know more about your product or maybe read about an on-going offer and they immediately swipe up. You can use the free ad maker to create visually appealing videos for your Instagram stories. 

It’s all about perspective

Most brands popularly known for their ad campaigns have one thing in common; the portrayal of an extra-ordinary perspective. You can only get your viewer to stop scrolling by creating something unusual. You must put pressure on your imagery and video content since those are the largest attention-seekers. Highlight your brand and tell a fresh story to your audience. Play with neons, florals, blacks or whites, experiment until your image isn’t catchy in an obvious way.  

Leave a trail

Just like a hungry man follows the smell of butter, you can leave a trail for your viewers to follow you to your landing pages. Whatever it is that you want to promote, an effective technique to increase visibility is by giving your viewers a slight peek into your content. Post an extract of your blog or a short clipping of your YouTube video on your story so that your viewers are hooked and shall swipe up instantly to continue watching/reading. Make attractive clippings of your promo videos on video maker and increase brand awareness. 

Intrigue your viewers

The decision of the viewer to swipe up will depend on how appealing the display of content is on your story. Always make sure that your subject of the video/image, i.e, your product or watermark is not hidden or undermined by stickers, gifs, and filters. Always post High-resolution videos and images. A poor display of content shall only demotivate the viewers to dig in any further. 

Influencer Marketing and connecting with your audience

Brand identity is your brand’s image in the minds of your consumer. Whenever your consumer thinks about your brand, there is a certain person or image that pops up in his/her mind. To enhance your brand image you must showcase your affiliation with famous personalities or social media influencers. Influencer marketing has been a widely used promotional tool on social media today. It increases customer affinity and establishes a more personal rapport with your users. In short, it helps humanize your brand.  

Behind The Scenes

Let’s break this concept down for you in an easy way. Do you follow your favorite celebrities online? Why? Perhaps, its because you want to know more about them and are curious to know what they’re like off-camera. Similarly, you can enhance your B2C relationship dynamically by giving your viewers a sneak-peek into your work environment or the manufacturing process of your products. It could also be a product launch video or celebratory videos of your team. Such content helps in community building. This can be done effectively with the help of videos. Create a complication of footages and videos on free ad maker and provide your viewers with insights into your brand. 

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