Make Your Home Garden With Plastic Bottles

Do not throw away your old plastic bottles which you no longer use. Instead of throwing away your plastic bottles, why not start collecting them. You can actually use plastic bottles of different sizes, as flowering pots. You no longer have to buy those common and boring pots for your flower garden or your kitchen garden. All that you need to do is start collecting plastic bottles of different sizes so that you can have a great collection, which can all be used to make your unique home garden.

You can have an indoor garden with plastic bottles which means you do not even have to wait for the snow to go. Your indoor garden will look neat and interesting when you repurpose all your old plastic bottles for the purpose. One of the common ways to use plastic bottles is by cutting through the bottles and using them as pots.

Kitchen herbs can be easily grown in these bottles. You can also grow spinach in the bottles in your kitchen. You can easily pick the young leaves and have them as and when you wish.

Do Not Buy Pots

Instead of paying for a lot of pots for your home garden, you can repurpose your old plastic bottles. Plastic bottles are available in different sizes and shapes. These bottles are quite a common packaging material and are used mainly for packaging fruit juices, beverages and similar products. So, once you have utilized the contents of the bottle, instead of throwing away the bottle, you can easily reuse it and make your unique home garden.

You can collect plastic or glass containers also through the year and then use them for gardening as early spring approaches. It is important to head start your gardening process in the right away and your collection of plastic bottles is going to make things easier for you. If you keep collecting plastic bottles and containers throughout the year, you will be amazed to see the number of bottles and containers you have collected at the end of the year. This will also help you in understanding how many plastic bottles, containers and jars we use throughout the year. If you wouldn’t have collected them, you wouldn’t realize.

Using Plastic Bottles

Once you have collected all your plastic bottles, you need to cut the bottle as per the size you need and the plants you plan to grow. Thus, make a plan in advance of the type of bottles you will need and their size. You need to remove the label from the plastic bottles and rinse the bottles really well. You can use soapy water to rinse the bottle. In fact, if you rinse the bottle after you cut it, you will find that it is easier to clean this way. Your brush will reach the bottom corners of the bottle easily and clean it.

How high the cut size will be completely dependent on what you wish. However, remember that the deep the bottom is, the more space the roots will get for transplanting. If you follow the rule of thumb, you can cut the bottle into a half. This is a great tip for beginners who are just starting off. You can then fill in with all necessary soil and fertilizers and start your home garden. You can decorate the bottle as you wish. You can paint it or accessorize it as per your choice to give a new look.

So, try out your home garden with empty plastic bottles and give a new look to your interiors.

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