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We had bought our son a guitar a few years ago after he had mentioned he wanted to learn how to play it, but that desire was short lived. Maybe we rushed it. Or maybe we didn't ask the right questions to determine if it was really the right instrument for him.

A year later, the music teacher at our son's school gave him a few drum lessons. He seemed to really enjoy that and often beats out a rhythm on surfaces with his fingers or pencils or whatever else is handy. He tells us that he wants to play drums.

He has said this for long enough that I am starting to believe him. But, I'd like to try and learn from my previous mistakes, so I am reviewing the tips on this link regarding music lessons for children.

My first step is to find out if he really wants to play the drums.

The good news is that the guitar that we bought is getting some use. My wonderful husband is teaching our niece some things on it, since he knows how to play. It's great to see her take an interest in an instrument and hopefully she has chosen the right one for her.

Does your child play an instrument? How did they pick what they wanted to play? Share the story in the comments.

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Comment by Princessa Clendinen on February 29, 2020 at 8:39am

Hello Lauren,

As a former music teacher of special needs children and mom of several who also wanted to learn the instrument, I would like to share some observations learned along the way. Yeah, it feels like one is spending lots of money on instruments that kids want to try out for different reasons like to look cool or their friends are doing it. But regardless of the reasons I afforded them the chance to try because I discovered that music helps with learning. It engages and challenges the mind in ways we have yet to discover, as well as improving academic performance and focus. Even just a little bit of exposure helps. 

As for those who are trying to find their ways, either music shops or schools do rentals. I got to the point of letting the kids take lessons at school while renting out the equipment. If they seem to stay with it longer than one term then I would proceed with getting them their own instruments along with the works! But I found even for myself that self-discovery was a cool adventure that I took with me onto many other journeys thru life!

Thank you for sharing your story. Blessings!

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