My best friend, Shafeen.

Making friends is not my thing. If I say I don’t have any friend, will you believe that? I have friends in FB, in real world too. But They are not like with whom I can talk about anything, or ask anything from them, neither they do this with me. I never had close friend. Wait, I had, then he became my boyfriend and finally husband. Now father of my son. Now I have two friends in my life, my son, and his father. Because I have deeper relation with them. But if I look at my social life. I am antisocial person and I don’t have any friend. I like to talk with people, I like when they visit my house, and like to join them when they invite me. But somehow again, there is always a distance, and finally those people get away from my life. These things teach me, how to live alone, if there is no one to help you, help yourself. Live happy by yourself. It’s not that bad. People can survive without a friend. Though I never wanted to be like that.

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