Making It Work: 10 Great Online Jobs for Stay-At-Home Moms

It was Oprah Winfrey, the all-time queen of the talk-show universe, who said being a mother was the toughest job in the world. Whether you agree with her or not, the reality of today’s world is that many mothers out there need a source of income of their own. Some need it to make ends meet, while others just want to keep busy and productive even as they take care of their little ones.

To help out those in search of viable jobs for stay-at-home moms, we’ve compiled this list of viable options for you to consider. You’re bound to find something suitable here. Let’s do it.

Health Coach

As a stay-at-home mother, you’ll probably have a wealth of experience in keeping yourself in good shape. Physical fitness is becoming more and more of a priority as people realize just how much their lifestyle can impact their quality of life. You can put those skills to good use by helping others on their journey to physical and mental health and get paid for it.

Online Tutor

Parents will usually have a bit of experience when it comes to imparting knowledge on their children. Even if it’s just the occasional help with the homework, you will have learned the patience and techniques required to effectively get your message across. You don’t have to possess any professional teaching qualifications, as you’ve got all the necessary experience to make it work for you and your potential students.

Online Forex Trading

Forex trading can be just the thing for you stay-at-home moms who still feel the urge to make their living in the world of finance. You don’t need a business degree or insane amounts of capital to participate in the stock and forex markets nowadays. There are plenty of courses and tutorials offering lessons in forex trading for beginners, and the digital age makes it easy to get started with only a couple of dollars to start with and a working internet connection.

Travel Consultancy

Travel positions are becoming more and more abundant as people seek to move away from the established travel agencies in search of more personalized, unique experiences in their travels. Be the one too set up and manage the travel experiences of your clients as they head out on their vacations, honeymoons, or world tour, all from the comfort of your own home.

Social Media Consultant

Many moms out there have perfected the art of social media, with exceptional skills honed through years of posting the achievements, special occasions, and milestones they and their families have been lucky enough to experience. When it comes to making a career out of it, social media consultancy will involve such aspects as social media evaluation, whereby you check out the content and ads posted on a corporate client’s account for relevance. You might also try your hand at creating content for your clients.


There will always be a need for fresh voices in the writing and blogging world, no matter how technically sophisticated society becomes. In the parenting world especially, there is a constant need for experienced voices to offer advice, tips, and guidelines related to bringing up our children. You can get paid to provide this much-needed service.

Data Entry Specialist

Few work-from-home occupations can offer you the kind of flexibility that data entry does. You will only need an eye for details, good keyboarding proficiency, and a desire to get paid.

Brand Ambassador/Advocate

Most parents are already brand ambassadors, whether knowingly or not. They advocate for their children’s education, their family’s health, and even for themselves both at home and in the workplace. You could make use of these abilities to become the brand ambassador for services or products you might feel passionate about.


If you’re highly detail-oriented and possess a good command of written language, then you could make some money going over the manuscripts and drafts of work done by people all over the world and making corrections and suggestions where needed.


Transcribers basically listen to audio files and type out all that they hear. It’s a great job when it comes to flexibility and convenience, as long as you’ve got a god ear for spoken languages.

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